Why We Will Finally See Master Chief's Face in Halo: Reach

"Halo: Reach is coming out for the Xbox 360 very soon. And like any Halo game, hype for it is through the roof. Rumors abound about the latest game in the multi-million dollar empire that is Halo. But one of the more interesting is that gamers will finally be able to see what's behind Master Chief's helmet. Throughout the whole series, Halo fan have been itching to see Spartan-117's face, but so far, they haven't. However, Halo: Reach may be the game that changes all that. Here's five reasons why."

No spoilers, just rumors.

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ingiomar2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

I don't want to see his face yet!!


Bet master chief is a girl after all.

Its been confirmed that hes not a girl a long time ago

halo_lover2745d ago

Didn't know about the movie thing. Very interesting, hopefully MC won't look ugly!!

sak5002745d ago

NOw we know who STIG is the next person i would like to see is MC.

comp_ali2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

Bet master chief is a girl after all.

kissmeimgreek2745d ago

nope we will never see his face. MC was designed so that the player feels like the master chief. thats why he never talks during gameplay and only in cut scenes.

"In the video games, the Master Chief is never seen without his armor. In-game cutscenes tease the character's face, but never reveal it; for example, at the end of Halo: Combat Evolved, the Chief removes his helmet, but camera movement hides his head. Bungie did this to help the player bond with the character.[15] The only physical description of the Master Chief comes from the novels."

taken from wikipedia :P

SixZeroFour2745d ago

we will see his young selfs face in marvels comic series of "the fall of reach"