Will Halo Reach or Gran Turismo 5 Take the Holidays? - Nick's Gaming View

"On Nick's Gaming View Episode #23, Nick begins the show with what he believes to be his best skit to date. Nick then covers this week's latest news including the announcement of the Killzone 3 release date and events including hints at the next Uncharted. Nick also talks about this holiday season and what title he feels will rule the holidays. Lastly, Nick closes it out with what really grinds his gears."

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Natsu X FairyTail2900d ago

Both will sell alot thats for sure.

Jamegohanssj52900d ago

I predict aboot 3.5 million copies of GT5 sold by the end of the year.


Joule2900d ago

Are you stupid.

GT5 will sell over 8 mil by this years end.

Halo Reach will also sell past 8 mil.

sack_boi2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

I predict GT5 to sell 3 million in the US, 8 million in Europe and 1 million in Japan.

Reach will sell 10 million in the US, 2 million in Europe and 1 copy in Japan.

ChronoJoe2900d ago


8 Million EMEAA, 5 Million US, 2 million Japan. Total 15m.


4 Million EMEAA, 9million US, 100m JP. Total: 13.1m

0mega42899d ago

but black ops will outsell both easily

yet i feel the sales of both reach and gt5 will be very close

yet ps3 owners have more options this holiday with LPB2 coming out

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darkcharizard2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

is in this sales war too you know...

n4f2900d ago

let them have the surprise:none of 2 games will will take holiday

TheDeadMetalhead2899d ago

...DKC Returns is coming out this year? Awesome. :D

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pwnd_of_lol2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Many racing fans, switched over to 360 for it's many exclusive racing titles. Project Gotham Racing 3-4, Forza 2-3, Race Pro, etc. It's been 4 years since the PS3's launch, that is simply too long for many and will deminish some sales.

So basically, Halo: Reach will easily outsell Gran Turismo 5 sales, and likely double them (according to my predictions baised on simple mathematics)

punisher992900d ago

If they were real GT fans then they will buy GT5 regardless if they bought a 360 for Forza 3 or not. And dont forget, there is a game out right now for the PS3 called Gran Turismo 5: Prologue, that has sold well over 5 million copies.

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gtamike2900d ago Show
morkendo232899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

ALL THE WAY!! i predict 15 million worldwide.
the REAL test should be same day release of both games then we'll see who is the best.

Death24942899d ago

Sell. Hell I'm buying another 360 just for that game alone. That said it's not only the average joe picking up GT5, companies also pick up this title. It's seriously, a real driving simulator. Meaning it's the closest you're going to get to actually driving the real thing. Halo will take American, but I'm not sure about it taking Europe.

otherZinc2899d ago

2. Halo:Reach
3. Donkey Kong
4. Assassins Creed 3
5. Dance Kinect
6. GT5
NPD & Maybe the World

PSFan1002899d ago

Isn't it a little unfair to compare sales? Halo gets a massive head start, since it's about to be released and GT5 is not out for another 2 months.

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Meisadragon2900d ago

Honestly, it will be Halo, 20 million 360s in USA it will do 10 million easily worldwide.

GT5 will be big in Japan and EU once the reviews come out maybe US sales will pick up.

I see it doing 6-7 million or maybe more

ChronoJoe2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Seems unlikely. Every GT has sold way over 10m. Even GT3 which was launched when the PS2 was at the same # of units sold that the PS3 is now.

stevenhiggster2900d ago

I honestly think GT5 will outsell Reach, maybe not in US but certainly worldwide.

PirateThom2900d ago

US - Halo
Japan - Gran Turismo
Europe - I would lean Gran Turismo due to it being the biggest selling territory for the series.

bobdog6262899d ago

I think ill be Playing Halo,dont know about you guys.but really i think halo going to win because of all the kids and hardcore play halo and GT5 will play to the teens and older.Avertizement will play a Big part this time also

AntsPai2899d ago

Lol I enjoyed reading your comment, particularly since it made no sense, learn how to spell please, for your own sake

sak5002900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

No brainer..Halo reach. GT5 might take 2011 Holidays as it may come out next year only the way bugs are popping up all over the place.

Jamegohanssj52900d ago

I don't know why, but I found this funny.


Nitrowolf22900d ago

USA Belongs to HALO
=In EU it's GT5 same with JAPAN
i see GT5 being the fastest PS3 exclusive seller ever, even more then MGS4

MAR-TYR-DOM2900d ago

Sales dont mean anything, MGS4 > GT5

Nitrowolf22900d ago

they aren't even the same genre wtf

N4BmpS2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Yeah, currently GoWIII is the fastest selling PS3 game so maybe (More than likely). GT5 will probably sell at least 4 or 5 million in the US (since it is a full fledged GT game)

or is it Uncharted 2, that's the fastest selling PS3 game?

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