I’m an Impatient Gamer. And I’ve Bought Dead Rising Four Times

Nukezilla: Some games get all my attention. Others annoy me because of the way the character walks. I have a problem.

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DufferO82811d ago

lol @ his views on dead rising

RedDead2811d ago

I sorta agree with dead rising, best place in it was underground. You actually felt fu**ed. But it was the same thing over and over until special forces arrived, then it was slightly differant

ThanatosDMC2811d ago

Yeah, the best place to fight to die. Bought it twice.

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jc485732811d ago

I happen to be one of them.

TheLastGuardian2811d ago

This generation has made me more of an impatient gamer. Games this generation don't take as much thought to beat as they used to. Because of that now when I go back to a game from a previous generation, I am too lazy to figure it out on my own sometimes and so I use a walkthrough so I can beat and faster and go on to the next game.

solar2811d ago

"Games this generation don't take as much thought to beat as they used to."

which hurts all gamers. no need for innovation, no need to challenge us true gamers because the mass appeal of the CoD's and Halo's, instant gratification is where gaming is nowadays. we are in a sad, stagnant state of gaming these days....

BABY-JEDI2811d ago

You have evolved as a gamer. Just maybe now you are ninja master of button pushes?

Nicky72811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

Playstation clan, you're a funny guy. I would have thought playstation owners were impatient waiting for a good game to come out in the first year when PS3 launched. All you had as your best game was a third rate FPS called Resistance.

jwk942811d ago

Dude, Resistance wasn't that bad, go try it out again and maybe you'll like it. The ps3 did have quite a lackluster launch, but now go take a look at all the great games, there's something for everyone, so I advise to to just go give the ps3 another shot, you won't regret it.

-Ikon-2811d ago

guess nicky never heard of uncharted 1

PS3Freak2811d ago

Uncharted came out in late 2007, therefore, it was not a launch title.

-Ikon-2811d ago

When did I say it was a launch title?

Holeran2811d ago

Did you really play Resistance? I liked it alot as a single player fps. The multiplayer left a bit to be desired to me but I liked the campaign alot.

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