Microsoft Performs Funeral For Blackberry and iPhone

Max Console: Microsoft has its new Windows 7 smart phone ready to go. But when you're Microsoft how exactly do you celebrate this remarkable achievement?. Microsoft decided to hire several hearses and stage a mock funeral allowing staff to claim "they had buried the competition". If that doesn't send grandma spinning in her grave how about having your entire Windows 7 mobile team perform the Thriller dance?

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jack_burt0n2836d ago

someone should have gone dressed as a KIN mobile device, now that would have been funny.

MAR-TYR-DOM2836d ago

after the funeral, GOOGLE performs funeral for Microsoft.

AngryTypingGuy2836d ago

Shouldn't something be dead before it has a funeral? This is like when the NAACP had a funeral for the N word. Everyone understands the symbolism, but in the end it makes them look foolish.

bjornbear2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

this is so going to backfire and hit the news in a few just know it =/

iPhone, blackbetter and Android own the smart phone market *edit* fixd

MS risks being "that late other guy no one's talked to in the party" - Yes windows mobil os is 3rd biggest, but I had a windows mobile HTC...and it was horrible

its going to hurt them that this probably would have been best behind closed doors where no one would have access to it for future reference (in 6 months - "remember that funeral? lol only ones burried are windows 7 mobile -_-)

sikbeta2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

It's going to be hell of funny when MS performs funeral for its own devices after some time... ala Kin...

ChineseDemocracy2836d ago

So how's the Zune doing these days? Oh, and Windows Vista. Wtf.

Xx Ziyad xX2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

actually Zune HD its better then IPod .. and selas it pretty well in US

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-Ikon-2836d ago

No one and I mean NO ONE gets the hype train running like MS. This company blows so much smoke up it consumers asses its pathetic...

Arnon2836d ago

I don't really know if it's pathetic. I mean... it does work lol. I do wish they wouldn't throw so much money around, though.

infekt2836d ago

Talking about smoke up poeple's asses; have you heard another sheep-nation company called Apple? M$ and Apple: a match made in turd-heaven.

gamerzBEreal172836d ago

omg look at arnon he likes MS blowing smoke up his A** and he tells them to watch there money ...

thewhoopimen2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

@infekt: I'd like you to a cost comparison of Apple vs. Microsoft expenses on marketing - sources cited before you try to blow smoke up people's a55e5 around here.

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3XP2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Or even funnier and Sony laptop

Edit: @Ikon - Yeah, I agree, kind of like when one company said rumble in game controllers was so last gen (instead of saying they were in the middle of a lawsuit.) Or Add 4 usb ports and then take away 2, or add other OS, then take it way. I think you are getting my point. Dude, they all blow smoke up people asses. Some just do it AFTER you have bought the product.

jack_burt0n2836d ago

^one of the 250 kin owners.

-Ikon-2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

I could spin this and say what about MS saying wifi, hard drives, and blu-ray are not needed.

Also Sony delivers they have a very long track record as an outstanding hardware company.. MS needs to stick to software and leave it at that..

yewles12836d ago

"Or even funnier and Sony laptop"

Original XBOX power supply, anyone? XD

3XP2836d ago

Look are all the sharks I have seemed to hook.

@Ikon, MS never said HD were needed. And wifi and BD actually aren't needed.

@Jack, I have never owned a kin (wish I did though) haha is that you Kurt Russell?

@Yewles1 - thanks you just proved my point. They all shoot BS. I don't know why you guys can't admit that. I did, why can't you?

yewles12836d ago

"I don't know why you guys can't admit that. I did, why can't you?"

We're having fun at each other. What's so hard to see?

Godmars2902836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Yeah, that's why the new 360 has built in wifi, it wasn't needed. Lets also forget the 360 multi-disc argument every-time it comes up as comes up more and more. The problems with FFXIII.

And yeah, most companies blow smoke, but more often than not, there's something of substance in it. A reputation or proof the product that they're pushing works as advertised and is reliable. Companies like MS either try to tear that down, are coving for a mistake o just trying to rip people off. Like with XBL and Netflix. RRoD.

GMWPS32836d ago

Like when someone said a HDMI connection is not important only to add it into their updated machine. As it has been said, everyone tells pokies (lies as per my 3 year old, anyway I digress), however MS is the 'pokies' champion!

gapecanpie2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

The thing I find funny is ... the only ones crying about multi-disc is Sony fans lol ... MS fans don't care about multi-disc and I don't see what the problem is anyway ... If your too lazy to get up and swap out a disc then chances are you got other things to worry about (like loosen weight) ... LoL

But yeah... all companies rip people off this is nothing new... unless your a blind fanyboy...

3XP2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Thanks for your sensible comment. These guys, take their respective lairs very seriously. I was initial just playing with Jack, but wow did I wake up all the guppies in that pond.

There is something to be said about a person, when you get pissed off when someone makes a joke about a company that they have no direct connection to; except for they bought one of their product.

Some people need to have more parks put in their neighborhoods so that they can learn to socialize face to face as opposed to over the internet, the personalities around here are so predictable, robotic, and volatile.

Elven62836d ago

IIRC, Microsoft never said HDMI was needed. Does anyone have a link?

There isn't a major difference between component and HDMI 1.2 but I still prefer to use HDMI on my 360 and PS3 when I game.

TrailerParkSupervisr2836d ago

I disagree. If I can buy a car that holds enough fuel so I only have to fill up the tank once on a week long trip, I am considered lazy that I won't get out of the car every 50 miles to fill it up again? Sure, if I have to get out and fill it up then it is what it is but if I can afford a car in which I didn't have to, I'd buy it...and so would you.

beardpapa2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

multidisc argument and being fine with swapping discs.

well, I guess you guys that agree to that and have the 120 or 250 gb hdds should drop those and go back to the 20 since you're obviously fine with deleting installs/demos. If you're not fine with that, you must fit the lazy category.

Sitdown2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Come on, use common sense...the fact that the launch 360 console does not include wifi and can play the same games as units with wifi included...just speaks to the point that they are not necessary. Likewise..bluray is not needed...both of them serve more as a convenience factor, but has not been proven as necessary for gaming.

Your example is so extreme....did you really compare having to get out of the car and spend at least 3 minutes paying and pumping gas in the elements as the same as getting up to switch out a disc....when the reality is, people switch disc all the time to change from one game to the instead of switching a game, you are switching to the next part of a particular game. Its funny how people act like bluray has alleviated the need to switch, it has just alleviate the need to switch disc when playing the same game....but disc swapping stills happens for all the consoles.

dragon822836d ago

I own all three consoles and I will tell you that it seems pointless to have a game on three discs when I can get it on one. I have no problem getting up and switching discs but if I have the choice I would prefer not to.

I just love how fanboys always assume they speak for every owner of their console of choice.

CimmerianDrake2836d ago

Thing is, 360 owners really don't have a choice. Which is MS's M.O. No choice. One would think that if one experience the same game, fully on one disc, one would not want to go back to having to switch discs. Especially for an open world game. So, you say 360 fans don't care? Well they really don't have a choice, so what's your point?

Godmars2902836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

I'd rather look at the competition who were putting wifi in to little fanfare while not charging nearly half of what their consoles costs. MS taking a no internal wifi stance, then including it in the 360S just a few months right after a new add-on model.

And the only reason Blu-ray isn't needed on the 360 - is because its not on the 360. Otherwise the format's proven itself for movies, and certain PS3 games.

thewhoopimen2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

What really gets to me is how MS hasn't convinced so many suckers to pay for online multiplayer when practically every other console, PC, media system out there that plays games don't charge to connect. It's like reliving AOL again.

multi discs due to limited disc space, adding on HDMI, adding on Wifi, RROD, raising Live prices, scratching drives, HD-DVD debacles, are just the extra largesse that Microsoft has dealt you over the last 5 years.

you've had your live subscriptions for how long now. Assuming average subscription prices of $40 (finding deals and what not), you've paid for your xbox 360 twice over excluding repair/replacement?

Consoldtobots2836d ago

nothing says insane and delusional like a Microsoft fanboy.

they NEVER fail to defy reality.

bsquwhere2835d ago

way to stay on topic, bringing a ps3 into a phone conversation. see i would've done it this way: sorry for the lack of capital letters, i'm typing this with my ps3 controller. you know on the web browser, i'm typing this while on facebook, and listening to, oh and also i'm using skype to make a phone call. see i worked phone in there.

Sitdown2835d ago

Just because bluray has proven itself for movies, and certain PS3 games, that does not necessarily mean it is needed for the 360...again, there has not been an overwhelming amount of games that has shown that bluray is needed. If I just want to play Madden every year, what about bluray is going to convince me that it is needed...when it plays the exact same as the 360 version on dvd?

Lets see...if I have been paying 5 years for xbox live, that most likely means I purchased my 360 around launch. Now I got the premium which was $399.99; now you put the price of $40 for live, and if you multiply that by 5 you get $ it has been a couple of years since college, but since when is $200 twice the times of $399.99? I will even help you out and use the core price 5 years ago...$299.99....nope, $200 is still not twice that of $299.99. Shall I continue to break down your weak attempt at bashing? Do gas companies have to convince you to purchase gas when you can walk or ride a bicycle for free? On the 360 you have to pay to play...Microsoft does not have to convince people of what is a reality for there system.

Godmars2902835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

This is either an article about honestly overzealous MS fanboys in open display of blind corporate fanaticism, or a parade of paid actors doing a vial marketing stunt. There's no way some crap like this is going to stay "on topic."

Already said why the 360 doesn't "need" Blu-ray, therefore it sands to reason why it will never be proven to be needed on that system. That 360 owners have to suffer through solutions to deal with what few multi-disc titles are on that system, especially when disc tech other than DVD was available during its development phase, suggests that another format would have been of benefit, but that ship has sailed.

The only thing to hope now is that MS isn't as pigheaded and spiteful as members of its system's fanbase. Don't keep with DVD in their next console.

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The Lazy One2836d ago

people were dressed up as kins. Didn't you look at the pictures?

Mizz_mai2836d ago

when apple own so much of the mobile devices market,this was a bad idea a really bad idea its just going to make them look stupid when the phone is dead by this time next year......and btw i HATE CHANGING DISC'S ON MY XBOX....for alot of xbox gamers and myself it's LAME and last gen it doesnt make me hate my xbox but it annoys me....

The Lazy One2836d ago

Apple and M$ are pretty comparable. RIM (blackberry) has by far the largest portion of the smart phone market.

tinybigman2836d ago

i'll just say this M$ will never make it in the mobile phone business. people either own iPhone's or Android ones. i have a moto droid and love how it operates why would i want to switch to a windows phone?

The Lazy One2836d ago

windows mobile is the third largest mobile operating system in market share right now.

I won't go so far as to say iPhone or Android aren't successful (I love my droid even without any service on it), but M$ already has a huge piece of the market to build off of.

Elven62836d ago

Windows Mobile still has a pretty big market share, its had one for well over a decade now. The iPhone has arguably been a huge threat to their market share though and I guess BlackBerry too.

The problem is the model which Microsoft has previously used where they gave cell phone companies so much freedom with the devices. Microsoft themselves can do little when it comes to things like upgrades since they have to rely on the phone companies to do it. Some companies have been good with them but others... :(

Fortunately, with Windows Phone 7 they're taking more control back so it might be a bit better.

Jazz41082836d ago

What I find funny is Sony fans crying about ms multi disc issue where it takes maybe 20 seconds to change a disc but you guys will sit there for hours watching your install station install your manadatory installs and firmwares for almost every game and every week. Talk about time consuming.

CimmerianDrake2836d ago

Hurr durr "Install Station" I iz a good Xbot. MS iz gon' give me lots in lots of der moneyz. Hurr Durr.


playboi282835d ago


Control would be the proper word for everything Microsoft does. Don't be surprised if you find yourself banned from making a phone call for installing an app they don't like. Or maybe they'll start charging $60 a year for AT&T Live...

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MEsoJD2836d ago

smirks and goes back to iphone 4

otherZinc2836d ago

I'm buying that phone if Sprint/Nextel has one!

r1sh122835d ago

the only way Iphone will die out is when someone else creates a brand new technology.
That probably wont happoen for a few years, blackberry is a very good phone, as are androids.
MS havent really made much money on the mobile phone market.
They will have a tough time

2835d ago
avengers19782835d ago

Droid still outsells them all.

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mrv3212836d ago

I'm surprised Apple and Blackburry are still companies after the riveting success of Kin and Zune.

mac_sparrow2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

I personally use my HTC desire with bluetooth Sony headphones, my zune importing mate hates me for it.

Added you a bubble for funny. Couldn't agree though as it feels wrong somehow, as does disagreeing. ;)


are you being sarcastic? haha

SuperStrokey11232836d ago

Im no ms lover but thats kinda cool that they all did the dance. I dont know anything about the phones or os though, anyone know if they are good/promising?

Cueil2836d ago

very much so... you should go have a look a quick search should bring you up some sites

thewhoopimen2836d ago

nope. Nothing the competitors aren't doing with better hardware/software support/integration.

TheLeprachaun2836d ago

Not a fan of this kind of marketing. I think it's quite tasteless. I said the same thing about the we love buttons website.

However, I must say, Windows Phone 7 is an amazing OS. I got a chance to mess around with it at Gamescom and I'll be picking up the Dell Lightning phone day 1.

HarryMonogenis2836d ago

The Thriller dance will change your mind? :)

TheLeprachaun2836d ago

Yeh I saw it on engadget earlier. It was quite funny I'll admit.

The Lazy One2836d ago

it's not marketing. It was a party for their staff that got leaked.

GarandShooter2836d ago

Right, leaked, snap snap, grin grin, wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more.

CimmerianDrake2836d ago

Nothing is "leaked" from Microsoft. It's leaked BY Microsoft. They may as well be a giant advertising company.


Bigpappy2836d ago

Well done M$. Now price it at $4,000 and see it will outsell Zune, you morons!
I think M$ is focused to much on Apple. Apple charges these crazy prices and people still buy the crap. M$ thinks they should be able to do the same. You only get away with that line of thinking when you are the inovator, not when playing catch-up.

STK0262836d ago

Actually, when you look at last year's Zune HD, and you compare it with the iPod Touch (the 3rd gen one obviously), it's quite clear that hardware wise (since the Zune HD did not have an App Store like the iTouch), the Zune HD mops the floor with the iTouch, mostly thanks to the Tegra and it's OLED screen. Yet, it was sold at a slightly lower price than the iTouch.

I am not saying they shouldn't lower the price of their hardware, I'm just saying that hardware wise, they didn't simply copy and paste the Apple formula while keeping a similar price. Of course, the software part wasn't that great.

Spydr072836d ago

So, adding superior hardware is innovation now? Since when? And did MS even design the phone's hardware? Most phones/media devices like that are innovative in the software or overall design of the product. X phone having a better OLED screen doesn't mean it's more innovative.

To innovate is to introduce something in a new way. If all MS has really ever done with hardware is just try to throw the most powerful stuff they can together, how are they innovating when they're reusing their same old formula over and over again?

STK0262836d ago

I never said MS innovated with the Zune HD, I was only saying that the Zune HD's pricing wasn't as bad as Apple. Bigpappy said that Apple charges crazy prices and that MS thinks they should do the same, I was only pointing out one example where MS actually had a slightly lower price and better specs, showing that there's a chance that MS' strategy might be slightly different from Apple's.

Also Spydr07, I would like to know in which part of my previous comment did you read that Microsoft was actually innovating?

btk2836d ago

It is about perception on the market. Apple has become a fashion accessory. My wife and daughters insisted on having iPods. No amount of reasoning that it is just a MP3 player, and that you can get one for a quarter of the price that does the same helps. They want and iPod as they want a diamond ring. A MP3 what? A Zune what? Stick your MP3 / Zune - we want an iPod!

Cueil2836d ago

You mean the lack of apps for the device? Because the Zune software actually works and if you did want to uninstall it it actually uninstalls no having to dig it out of your system

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Darkfocus2836d ago

apple an innovator! LMAO

Jazz41082836d ago

Kind of like Sony copying the Wii with Move.