Kinect Or Move: What’s Your Choice?

Scott diMonda of Platform Nation writes: Now that I have had the chance to give PlayStation’s Move and Xbox’s Kinect a run through I think I have made my decision on which new motion controller will get my money. Now I want to remind you these are my thoughts and experiences with each one and your experience may differ from mine. So here we go.
First up I am going to give you my thoughts on the Move. I first got my hands on the Move at a Press only event in NYC and I left the Sony sponsored event wondering what they were thinking when it came to the Move and my mind was made up Kinect was getting my money. At first I did not like this motion control device made by Sony as it seemed to just give me a lot of problems capturing my movements and I was given the variety of excuse as to why the Move wasn’t functioning...

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IRetrouk2900d ago

move for me, it works, kinect once sorted will be purchesed for my kids.

DasBunker2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

lets see with move you can play killzone, socom, LBP, MAG and others...

with kinect you pet a tiger and dance like a beheaded chicken..

which one to choose? mmmmmmhhhhhhh.

Hyrius2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Casual games/Shovelware/Lag or Hardcore games/No lag : What's your choice ?

Bigpappy2900d ago

"But from what I have heard from gamers that got to play the Kinect there is a lot of disappointed from them with the Kinect and it seems like more people like the Move. The choice is your and be sure to do your homework and if you can get your hands on either one give them a try and see for yourself."

Was this written by Kevin Butler?

HungPHAT2900d ago

I hear ya ! I played both at E3 and kinect was not good at all , move is more for casul and hardcore players in the future starting with Dead Space 2 in Jan ! I mean look Reach doesn't ever support it and it's there flagship title this year and all of Sony's first party games will

R2D22900d ago

Will stick with my regular controller thank you.

2900d ago
HammockGames2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Personally, I'll hold out until there's a broad base of games that are proven to work well with the hardware.

I've gotta' say, to this point Move looks better though, IMHO. Reviewers and others who have tried it have had more consistently positive things to say. Sony gives me the impression that they also have games in mind - and not just minigames or shovelware, but games that GAMERS will enjoy.

Kinect seems to have been getting more articles with mixed if not conflicting descriptions => one day it's awesome, the next day it's laggy, glitchy, devs are ragging on the performance or the hit it puts on the system resources, etc.

And the games so far for Kinect give the impression that they're aiming squarely for the casual gamer/Wii crowd and neglecting the core gamers (even though MS says differently).

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Black_McGrath2900d ago

Hit agree for Move or disagree for Kinect.

seinfan2900d ago

False dichotomy. Both are gay.

pixelsword2900d ago

Neither right now, but leaning towards move because of that sorcery game.

No Way2900d ago

I'll prolly get both. Both for there own reasons.
The move looks to perform better.. a lot better. And, Sorcery looks cool.
But, as far as Kinect, I want it more so for the voice recognition things. >.<

lowcarb2900d ago

Just give me a regular controller and introduce motion to me in the VR era.

trancefreak2900d ago

was @ gamestop yesterday and kinect is $150.00 with no game. The clerk wanted to make that clear but she still prefers it over move $99.99 with game and base hardware. I didnt have the energy to make a discussion about how a weight scale works.

Im buying games to play with a controller for now halo reach is my priority i want Microsoft to know I prefer hardcore games.

Silver3602900d ago

Kinect comes with Kinect adventures, just like Move comes with sports Champions.

trancefreak2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

I was just there yesterday looking at it at gamestop with the employee. So either gamestop doesnt sell it that way or its a special bundle deal.

The clerk straight up told me it comes with no games. just the unit i saw the rectangular box and it does not not indicate any games for it.

Or gamestop employee was retarded and had no clue.

Seriously though id rather play halo reach any day before kinect or move.

@ silver it wouldnt be a first time a gamestop employee went full retard on me.

Imperator2900d ago

I really want to get Move, but I don't have the money right now with so many games coming out. I think I'll wait till November, maybe December.But I'm definitely not getting kinect.

TrailerParkSupervisr2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

I am not flailing my arms around to game. Ever. The kid has the Wii if I want to do that, anyway. I work all day, life's a bitch and at 37 years old, when I come home and fall into my recliner I want to put my feet up, order a pizza, rest my hands in my lap whilst gripping a controller and game all night in that position.

If you like the Move/Kinect, more power to ya. Just letting the corporate deities know that this gamer (who spends about a grand a year on gaming) will NEVER EVER buy a motion control package.

seinfan2900d ago

Spoken like a MAN!

n4gno2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

You can play with move like you play with a ds3, on your couch (regular games : heavy rain, mag, socom, killzone)

no need to move in your room like crazy everytime..

by the way, it's incredible, with so many videos and preview/reviews where kinect fail, to see how xfanboyz are brainwashed, they want it, just because it's for xbox, no matter the tech and the games are (like the donkey buying halo, just because it's halo, no matter if they like that kind of games or no :)) i really undestand now why microsoft is constantly abusing them, they love that !

Truth2900d ago

I completely agree, but hey, you always have your days off right?

Or if you're like me your days off are Tuesdays and Fridays so you have to plan EVERYTHING on those days and still wouldn't feel like jumping around the room. /end rant

That and I have a fear of trying to do a football throwing motion in say, Madden 2012, and have it go right through my Bravia. Not cool.

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Anon19742900d ago

I've already got a PS Eye, so I might as well give move a shot. I wouldn't pay 100 for that bundle, but I'm looking forward to see how move is used in games like Killzone 3.

PHOSADRA2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

@RETROUK above
You will really treat you kids that way?

MikeGdaGod2900d ago

my gf wanted a Wii, but i don't really like most of the games for we have the best of both worlds....and we can game in HD

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Motorola2900d ago

Im gonna be reasonable. Move cuz all I Currently have is a PS3.

Chug2900d ago

Call me old fashion, but I like buttons.

harv0522900d ago

Yeah....Who wants to pretend their hand is a gun...What is this the 3rd grade?? Pew...Pew...Pew...

x5exotic2900d ago

hahahahahaha bubbles+ xD

Bzone242900d ago

Aren't all video games just games of pretend?

Sorry, but no matter how you look at it, anytime you play a video game you are just playing a game of pretend.

Truth2900d ago

I see people just disagree to disagree these days. What reason would you have to disagree with harv052's comment? None. Wait, forgot fan boys still exist... thought they were exterminated... oh well, we can only hope.

ActionBastard2900d ago

What are we, mimes? Move for me as well.

Omega42900d ago

Kinect, since I got a Wii and want something different.

Shadow Flare2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

I've got an eyetoy so no kinetc for me

In fact, I don't recall RUSE coming to the Wii. Funny. Is the wii not good enough, or would RUSE look like crap on the wii? Whatever reason that might be, it's one reason I'm getting Move. And because of these differences between move and wii, lots of people will be buying move. It's got the best tech with games only available on ps3, with graphics far surpassing wii, with great online play. That's why people will buy move

-Ikon-2900d ago

Ya if omega had a ps3 and eye toy he wouldn't need dis-kinect

IRetrouk2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

save yourself some money omega i bet you could pick up an eyetoy plus playstation 2 and a load of games for under 130 dollars, then you would have something that kinect is trying to imitate, i also have a wii, but i cant play socom or killzone or little big planet or dead space or ruse or heroes on the move or sly cooper or resident evil 5 on a wii, i forgot about mag too lol, @ shadow, i agree the tech is better the games are better, nxt week and i will have my move and nav controllers.

IRetrouk2900d ago

no need to, move works exactly how it is supposed to.

salinidus2899d ago

now lets watch shadyiswin dance like he has no head to his kinect (that wont be able to track him)

ChronoJoe2900d ago

lol c'mon Omega. You'd waste money on kinect even if you already had 50 Wii's. Hell, you'll probably end up buying two to 'support microsoft'. Haha.

Anyway. Not getting either myself. I don't like motion controls. That's just me personally.

mrv3212900d ago

LAG? You want lag... well there we go you are incapable of rational though.

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Nike2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

"Kinect Or Move: What’s Your Choice?"

I'll just use the money to pick up either Halo: Reach/Gears 3 or Killzone 3/LBP2/GT5. Or maybe a mix of the two groups. But Vanquish will definitely be included as well.

@disagrees: If I had a choice between the two right now, I'd instead go out and get some games like Reach and LBP2/GT5, along with Vanquish, since those are the top titles coming out. Disagree if you'd like but it's what I'm going to do.

Zir02900d ago

You must have got a disagree for hinting at getting a 360 game lol.

Nike2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Lol. I didn't hint. :)

Anyway, I finished playing Reach with a friend (broken street dates FTW!) in co-op. Would love to be able to get my own copy soon. You can check out my impressions(spoiler free) of the game in the forums if you'd like:

The best thing is, if I had to go for a 360 game + PS3 game + multiplatform title, I have Reach + LBP2 + Vanquish this year. And next year, I'd have Gears 3 + Killzone 3 + Bulletstorm (Duke Nukem Forever, too).

Oh snap, I forgot about the 3DS though. >.>;;

I am surprised I forgot about Call of Duty: Black Ops, heh. Despite everything I've seen, the game just seems off my radar overall. I guess it's the multiplayer that's going to make or break the experience, since I'm getting tired of the same old campaign missions in CoD games (at least, it didn't look like anything knew from what I've seen).