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Submitted by r0gueZA 1980d ago | news

PS3: more "home entertainment" than gaming system?

Apparently many still think so including Heavy Rain maker – David Cage. I am rather taken by this as I bought my PS3 purely with gaming as the main purpose, secondly for it’s Blu-Ray abilities. The Playstation 3 is a stunning piece of kit when it comes to media too, with the ability to tweak setting till your heart desires. But as a core gamer, it still remains primarily a gaming device… in my home at least. (PS3)

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movements  +   1980d ago
"The games are just the start," hails Sony. So it's true, more home entertainment than anything.
goldensfree  +   1980d ago
jus cause it has entertaining games
b/r the best online gaming network on a console for free n so much more

dont mean you gotta hate

the quotes taken a bit out of context 2 imo he certainly never said the ps3 was just a b/r player...

besides if you've played kz2 like you say youd know a game can b a cinematic experience rivalling that of any movie.
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Bereaver  +   1980d ago
The problem with the question is, What is home entertainment? Doesn't anything that entertains you at home mean home entertainment? lol
Anton Chigurh  +   1980d ago
Thanks for the H@ckers .
They made everything possible and soon we will see MKV support, NTFS , Emulators and Free G@mes too.... oh we already got that Feature lol.
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Red_Orange_Juice  +   1980d ago
more bs than journalism?
inveni0  +   1979d ago
Honestly, my PS3 plays move movies than games, but I still consider it a game system. My collection of awesome titles (Uncharted 2, inFamous, KillZone 2, Little Big Planet, ModNation Racers, etc.) reinforce that fact. There are few movies that can give me as much enjoyment as these games, and that's saying a lot for Sony and the devs that power them.
MrAwesome  +   1980d ago
The PS3 may seem expensive at first but with so many features like Blu-Ray,Internet Browser,3D movies, video downloads, Awesome games and more it's actually a steal Thus the phrase: It only does everything:)
stevenhiggster  +   1980d ago
It's not even expensive anymore anyway! And like you say it is a steal for what you get for your money, even more so now.
shoddy  +   1980d ago
ofcourse it's only does entertainment.
that's why ps3 worth your money.
-Ikon-  +   1980d ago
and why is this a bad thing? It still plays games and does many other things.. How is this NOT a PLUS?? You people are weird...
Dramscus  +   1980d ago
I like the disagrees for your comment.

Persistantthug  +   1980d ago
I thought everyone knew that already.

Natsu X FairyTail   1980d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(3)
thorstein  +   1980d ago
Soo.... Video Games aren't Home Entertainment?
I am confused.
bjornbear  +   1980d ago
PS3: more "home entertainment" than gaming system?
? as if they are mutually exclusive...i'd say OVER ALL its a home entertainment system, but its equally a GAMING system.

thats like asking "is a computer more a calculator or a word processor?!!??!?!?!? - ITS BOTH"
Immortal321  +   1980d ago
I should start buying blu ray movies
I need my stories
chazjamie  +   1980d ago
sony, is doing stupid shit.
i just have to use this thing for games now. i was watching a movie now, and BANG.some code one bullshit stopped playback. now i might as well pack this thing up until lbp and gt5 comes out.
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DigitalAnalog  +   1980d ago
I play my PS3 and I was very "entertained"
at "home".

-End statement
r0gueZA  +   1980d ago
re: Movements comment:
Hmm, fair enough. But I am not sure I would have gone with that marketing/pr strategy. I would try and push it on the gaming side way more than the rest.
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goldensfree  +   1980d ago
the cinimatics are what make Heavy rain
its basically an interactive movie so it makes sense they stress the cinimatic aspects so saying the ps3's formidable entertainment is an asset to his game when asked in the context of this interview is to b expected. Taking it n turning it into this "PS3: more "home entertainment" than gaming system?" is just shody journalism.

Sony themselves are pushing games like mad XD

unless your seeing b/r sony ads where your at id say its been all about the games for the past couple year at least.
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zaz12  +   1980d ago
I care more about games
IRetrouk  +   1980d ago
its got the best GAMES this gen, everything else is a bonus.
DigitalRaptor  +   1979d ago
Indisputable! ;)
M4ndat0ry_1nstall  +   1980d ago
PS3: more "home entertainment" than gaming system?
I'm not sure, this picture might help answer that question though.

Related image(s)
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Meisadragon  +   1980d ago
That does not apply after 2008 fyi
check the last two goty games in gamespot 2008 and 2009 :)
Omega4  +   1980d ago
Lol, yep that pretty much says it all.

"It also plays games".
IRetrouk  +   1980d ago
yep it plays games like the xbox, and then does plenty of things that xbox dosnt omega,
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Information Minister  +   1980d ago
There are no Kinect articles on the PS3 channel. Go away troll.
Redrum059  +   1980d ago
looks at Omega4

Related video
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Blitzed  +   1980d ago
@Omega4 and M4ndat0ry
I saw a similar ad for the 360:

Instead of 'Sony' it of course said 'MS', instead of 'Blu ray' it said 'Halo', and instead of 'games' it said 'Gears'!

Fanboyish, I know. I just wanted to make Omega4 and M4ndat0ry go and start cutting themselves again.
Meisadragon  +   1980d ago
Finally showing your true colours eh omega?
A troll thats what you are a TROLL.
dredgewalker  +   1980d ago

It also plays games......yup I agree. Even if you say it's a blu-ray player first and console second why would it even bother me since I can watch hi-def movies and play AAA games. Anyway you spin those words it's still a win-win for me since I can do tons of things with my PS3. Oh look, I can make the PS3 look good without bashing the 360.
Bell Boy  +   1980d ago
Hey Mr 1 Bubble

Odd is in not the new bragging rights for people like yourself lately have been of xbox live offering..facebook, twitter,,

Not much gaming going on with those features

You trolls just talk utter pants morning, noon and night
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telekineticmantis  +   1980d ago
Kinda hard to
Troll a system that has the best library of all time. Even when the fanboy websites try it's not so effective(kotaku, gametrailers etc.). That's an amazing feat when you have fanboy journalist yet still come out on top.
duplissi  +   1980d ago
i wouldnt go as far as to say it has the best library of all time.
it definitely has some of the best games ive ever played but so do most systems.
gtsentry  +   1980d ago
yes it is,god of war,uncharted 2 and metal gear solid entertained me alot
ChronoJoe  +   1980d ago
Sure. Definitely provides more entertainment value than any other console, whether it be from games, or blurays.
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Tazz1992  +   1980d ago
I use my ps3 for games and my dad has his own for movies so its a win win situation =D
elbeasto86  +   1980d ago
not really...
I use my ps3 more for games than anything else. Netflix on occasion but mostly gaming.
tiamat5  +   1980d ago
Wow. Another wild ignorant unproven statement about the PS3. What a shocker.
BinkyStalls  +   1980d ago
games are entertainment
Rrobba  +   1980d ago
The games are the important part.
Kakihara  +   1980d ago
Of course it's primarily a games machine but I don't know what I'd do without the browser. I spend just as much time watching things on google video, youtube and youporn as I do playing games.
wages of sin  +   1980d ago
It's true for me...
I have way more blu-ray movies than I do actual games for my PS3. I find it to be great for that purpose, but for gaming it's not even close to what Sony and the sdf want you to believe.

Most of the "acclaimed" games for it I found to be way over rated. The only exception being mgs4. Everything else (gow3, uc2, hr...) are good games but imo not even close to reaching the hype. A good console with good games but not the be all end all.
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Blitzed  +   1980d ago
You put the word acclaimed in quotes like its up for debate. They are acclaimed wether you agree or not, your opinion doesnt change that.

'good games but imo not even close to reaching the hype'

Exactly the way I feel about the Halo series. I know I am in the minority (just like your statement) but its my opinion.

Do you see how some random person's opinion means shit to you?

Edit: Nice stealth edit adding the last sentence. Don't worry, your one bubble is safe. I dont think any console will ever be the 'be all end all'.
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yewles1  +   1980d ago
@self-inducing sin
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tinybigman  +   1980d ago
you have one bubble so your opinion is worthless. i highly doubt you own a PS3 at all.
kasasensei  +   1980d ago
I use my ps3 for gaming @ 95%, 3% is for the internet browser, 2% is for bluray movies. That's all.
rekof  +   1980d ago
PS3 is a beast!!
It only does everything !

I haven't bought a single Blu-ray movie yet ,..Not a big movie fan,..
and have it since launch,.. so,..
Have some music , podcasts, Images, divx movies :) on it ,.. Mostly use it for gaming,.. and browser sometimes(that that shit freezes your ps3 sometimes),.
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remanutd55  +   1980d ago
from Play, Create , Share to Dark Mature Interactive Drama , from Tactical Espionage Action to Poetic Adventure , from Race , create , share to Epic Action/ adventures , from Epic Greek Mythology to 256 FPS games , from Karma based open world games to Tactical Role playing Games , from Brutal Off Road Racing to Multiplayer Only Games and soon to have MMOs the ps3 have all genres and for one that doesnt have , they create a new one( LBP , Flower ) besides all those games that have win awards all over the globe ( mgs4 , LBP , U2 , GOW3 , HR ) and soon The masterpiece of all : The Last Guardian , the ps3 is a blu ray player that plays blu ray movies , netflix , PSN movies , videos , music , photos , its a home entertainment system no doubt about it but its first and foremost a gaming machine , the game awards speak for themselves
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Introspective   1980d ago | Spam
WharenPeace  +   1980d ago
When exactly did it become a bad thing that the PS3 is so incredibly versatile, and more importantly, why is no one criticizing the xbox 360 for its inherent limitations?
DaBadGuy  +   1980d ago
Why is no one criticizing the xbox 360 for its inherent limitations?....where the hell have you been? By the way, this is a PS3 article, why should you care? Stop adding flamebait to the fire.
remanutd55  +   1980d ago
some people may disagree with me but when you are the best at what you do , other people will try to put you down at any cost or mistake that you do but you are average then you dont get noticed at all or people get excited for a little good thing that you do because they are not expecting that much from you , i for one like all this playstation bashing because this people thinking that they are doing bad publicity to the company they are actually doing the opposite , the hardcore fans know that the machine have some truly , innovative , amazing games and that with all the in house power the company posses ( meaning quality and quantity in the industry ) things are gonna be better than they are at this point in the console cycle but the casuals that for one reason or another read this kinda articles they might get interested in the console as a "home entertainment" system and they may try lets say LBP awesomeness and decide to change their minds and become a more regular gamers lol.

thing is when people talk about you its becuse you are being noticed by others ( could be bad, could be good ) press always been harsh to sony because they , just like me expect the very best from the company , i expect no less and with all those amazing games the system already have in my opinion still doesnt match all the in house power and talent the company posses , i still expect a lot more from them , thats how i see this kinda of things ,of course its my opinion , you may , may not agree but to each their own
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godslayer429  +   1980d ago
better games than xbox
hiredhelp  +   1980d ago
Things that sony did to save us time and money. that microsoft may or may not wanted to cash in on.

by upgrading my 60gb ps3 to a 320gb 2.5 hdd i saved myself bags of money . compareing to microsoft's prices. around £45 for a 320gb hdd.
and saving of £40 for online and now gone up.

i didnt have to get a new ps3 like the elite to get hdmi back in the days.
money saved.

and having bluray is reasuring to know that games can be as deep as they want with solid textures and knowing im safe cos i have a BDROM. and i dont have to worry about downsample or bits cut out or changing discs.

Introspective WROTE 'The Playstation 3 is a stunning piece of kit'
hes right.

And with the likes of uncharted 2 come out like 2 years ago devs are turning to the ps3 seeing the things thats possible. now the ps3 is really taking off with more new devs onboard. the proof is in the games for me the fututre is looking very nice for us ps3 gamers.
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jwk94  +   1980d ago
dont forget you dont have a limit on how big of a harddrive you can go up to.
hiredhelp  +   1980d ago
yes and the capacity of disc space. the limit at the moment is 50gb i hope they can use this BDROM to run the 100gb bd discs
jwk94  +   1980d ago
why did I get disagrees?
jwk94  +   1980d ago
I bought my ps3 as both a game console and an entertainment system. Whenever I use my ps3 its not just for games, its for dr who, heroes, movies, photos, and music. Hell, I have my grad party centered on my ps3....wait, i think I just proved the point of the article. Hmm, anyway, I don't care if it's more of an entertainment system, I love that factor and it's the most used game console i've owned,and I absolutely love the games on it, they're excellent over the summer I was playing Uncharted 2 for 10hrs a day.
Ryuk  +   1980d ago
How could it be "home entertainment" if you get no entertainment out of it? Home boredom? Yes! Entertainment..sadly, no
Rageanitus  +   1980d ago
are home entertainment ... just shows that is the main system to look at when you want to buy the all in one enterntainment unit.
Karum  +   1980d ago
Personally I consider video games to be home entertainment. Or is being entertained by playing games in your home somehow not fall under the definition of Home Entertainment?

The Game is just the start and it only does everything in terms of my entertainment needs in the living room.
jcgamer  +   1980d ago
Ken Kutaragi was right :)
i have NEVER used a gaming console more than i've used my PS3...complete only does everything CONFIRMED!

lol :)
Sevir04  +   1980d ago
JC i couldn't agree more!
Ken Made the PS3 an amazing Future ready machine! I had never in my life dream that I'd have a machine today that can play games in eye poping 3d and beable to experience 3d from the comfort of my home. to play games that are now defining the genre's that was already popular. and to give me more immersive games thats not on the market from anyone else. :-) the PS3 is THE console of choice and it does everything and quite well!
mac_sparrow  +   1980d ago
I'm going to agree, and I own over 40 retail games and then more PSN titles.
I own 30 something Blu-Rays and over 400 DVD's. I have about 50 albums on my 1Tb drive, and countless recordings from PlayTv.

No this isn't a brag about what I have, it's to give context. I have these things but I'm agreeing as 'Home Entertainment' is what my machine is for. This includes all of the above (yes even the games shockingly). I bought my PS3 for gaming, and its used every day; though not always gaming.

From the article: When David Cage was asked in a now well known interview with GamesIndustryBiz if it helped that Sony’s platform is “seen as more of a home entertainment box rather than just a games machine?” He replied, “yes, certainly”

Rather than just a games machine. Exactly, it certainly is more. Time for the marketing speak...

PS3, it only does everything.
ForzaGT  +   1980d ago
equally great
thats what make this such a great console
silvacrest  +   1980d ago
the PS3 has
more upcoming games then nintendo or microsoft and it is just a better entertainment system in terms of video and music

so i guess this article is right
Figboy  +   1980d ago
i think it's definitely a home entertainment device.
me and my wife use it ALL THE TIME.

we play games on it. we watch Netflix on it. we watch DVDs and Blu Rays on it. we listen to music on it. we sometimes even surf the web on it (i often check N4G from my browser when my wife is on the PC).

i can't say the same for my other gaming platforms like the 360, which i use 100% for games (i refuse to pay for LIVE, or else i'd use my 360 to watch Netflix too).

when my PS3 died on me back in 08 or so, i didn't realize how much i used it for my entertainment until it was gone for that 10 days. it really was awful. and since i don't have an HDMI enabled 360, my DVDs weren't being fully upscaled to my HDTV. it was a dark 10 days, that's for sure.

anyway, the PS3 is a great entertainment device. i'll be buying a second one for my wife soon so we can play some games together (like White Knight Chronicles).
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