GameCritics - Consoleation: August 2010 NPD results

GameCritics - It has been awhile since I've talked about NPD numbers, hasn't it? Well, the results for August are in, and while they seem to have shaken Michael Pachter, I'm here to tell you that there should be no surprise. Microsoft's continued success stems from its revisions of the Xbox 360 hardware—first with the $300 250GB model and now with the 4GB $200 model. These are "new", and combined with recent strong sellers like NCAA Football 11 and Madden NFL 11, the Xbox 360 platform has separated itself from the pack over the course of 2010 so far.

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EasilyTheBest2898d ago

Next E3 there will be a even newer revision of the 360. It will be completly redesigned and will be a 3rd of its size. Then the following E3 2012 there will be the new Xbox 1080 or whatever they call it.
Oh and everyone seems to think, just because they dropped the original Xbox when the 360 came out they will do the same again. Just because they have done it once before. MS had their reasons but they wont do the same next time.

sdtarm2898d ago

do u even know what u r talking about?