New Heavenly Sword Footage including new areas

While waiting for the preview complete of Heavenly Sword is planned for next Monday. Here today is a video in high definition of the play captured during the second chapter available in the preliminary version. You will discover beautiful Nariko using there bazooka to eliminate the clouds from adversaries...

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xbox360elitegamer3929d ago

Not bad. The game is cool, but not my type.

TheExecutive3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

stunning... looks really good. Im gonna have to play this game quite a bit.

dang... how did i lose a bubble?

Ortiz833929d ago

i'm a ps3 fanboy. I die ps3. and i try to like all ps3 games. This game looks fabulous, but man is h A.I. horrible. They just stand there without blocking. C'mon on. Still thinking of buying it, but I know i will pass it really fast if its that easy. What happen to old games where it was really hard and you had to die atleast like 1o times till you pass it. I let my nephew play double dragon the other day, (he's 9 by the way) he asks me, what button is to block, I'm like, back then, you either fight good or you get your ass kicked. There was no blocking back then...

TheExecutive3929d ago

Im sure there will be enemies of different difficulties... we saw them in the demo even. These guys just look like pawns.

DrPirate3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

If you think the game is easy, there will be a hell mode which was rumoured to be unbeatable (They had to send people to Sony to make sure it can be done on Hell mode)

You like dieing 10 times to get through a game? I don't have the time. PS3 games are tailored to me because I'm a University student with no free time during the semester. I want short, epic cinematic games that I can enjoy like a movie.

techie3929d ago

This is the second level...and I can confirm those type of enemies are the pawns - the type you'll find with 100's of them - just like in every good film - there are pawns who are not very good alone, but when in numbers are difficult to deal with. With her Heavenly Sword she is almost invincible, so only Nariko can deal with them. It's like the best kung foo film gone mad.

But of course there are the more crazed, powerful enemies - of which you will be encountering many.

masterg3929d ago


I often see you writing stuff that common gamers knows nothing about.
And unlike some others it doesn't seem like it's just wild guessing.

Do you work in the gaming industry?

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