Halo: The movie is already filming (Release Summer 08)

Peter Jackson and 20 Century FOX told gamers that HALO was postponed due to a lack of interest. No one believed that, but then the movie and all information about it disappeared from everyone's radar. Halo fans, as well as Peter Jackson fans felt let down and couldn't figure out how this project didn't make it.

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TriggerHappy4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

Movie based on games have always not done so well with the exception of erm none that i know. Here is hoping this is a success and not a flop

With Peter Jackson working on this, an almost guaranteed success but you know .

EDIT: Yeah i just checked..i meant comics

GameOn4054d ago

The spiderman movies wernt based on games...

Rooftrellen4054d ago

Spiderman was a comic book before anything.

Most movies based on comic books aren't good, either, though, and the same idea applies. Get money out of old fans by making a movie that they will blindly go to watch.

Whoooop4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

I disagree with movies based on comics suck.

They aren't oscar movies, but they can be good and entertaining. Movies based on video games, NOW those are really bad..

SpiderMan 1 and 2 were good.. entertaining, great summer movies.
V for Vendetta was very interesting great plot IMO.
Men in black 1 and 2 also entertaining and funny.
Sin city - very original nice visuals IMO
300 - not the best movie, but stunning visuals and very entertaining.

I think you get my drift... :)

i Shank u4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

@ whoop correction, 300 was the best movie ever. lol, it was really good tho. first 2 xmen movies were pretty good also, V for vendetta was sic, and its nice to see you left spiderman 3 out of there. what a waste

just gotta say, when i was 10 i loved the first mortal kombat movie. maybe cause i was 10, and it had a cool theme song, idk, but i did think the 2nd one sucked. the first resident evil movie was cool, they are the only game-movies that are watchable. i wasnt going to touch the bloodrayne movie with a stick; looked like a terd of a movie. cant wait to see the new DOA movie! (sike!)

Optimus Prime4054d ago

transformers.. simply greatness..
the spider man movies

there are a few good one outs there

WilliamRLBaker4053d ago

Sin city, and 300 weren't comic books, they we're graphic novels which is vastly different then a comic book, because for it to be good it actually has to have a good storyline....atleast compared to a comic book.

monkey6024053d ago

i dont know about anybosy else but i liked the Tomb Raider movie

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CRIMS0N_W0LF4054d ago

Way to milk out money out of fan boys.

TriggerHappy4054d ago

nicely said, with already over a million pre-orders just for the game, you can tell this will also blow up real big

killercam194054d ago

keep hating guys keep hating

Lakuspakus4054d ago

Hopefully thay really expand on the "halo thing" and doesnt just take MC journey...

And BTW, Spiderman wasnt made from the games.... idiot.

Alvadr4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

Im hopeing that Peter Jackson doesnt go OTT like with King Kong. I think this film will rock if they base the story around Halo1.. Being on the Halo before it got destroyed, and hopefully learning more about its construction and 343 etc

I wonder who is playing Master Cheif

snoop_dizzle4054d ago

denzel washington B!tches!

Lakuspakus4054d ago

Doesnt really matter does it?
He will probably have the same voice-over as in the game, and we never see his face anyhow.

Marriot VP4054d ago

great news, Peter Jackson is awesome

Sgt. Johnson - Denzel Washington
Grunt 1 - Danny Devito
Gravemind - D!ck Cheney
Flood 1 - Christopher Walken

What are yours?

snoop_dizzle4054d ago

it just needs more cowbell and its a hit

i Shank u4054d ago

christopher lambert = covenant prophet

yoda would make a good prophet also

socomnick4054d ago

sgt = eddie murphy
am I right

The Chief of Mjolnir4053d ago

I´ve heard that Steven Downs is playing Master Chief, but I think it´s not true.

Steve Downs is the voice of MC in the games, BTW.

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