These are the Blockbusters for the Rest of 2010

Cynamite has a list of the greatest upcoming releases for the rest of 2010. Check out all the awesome titles like Gran Turismo 5, Heavy Rain: Move Edition and plenty more in a humongous screenshot gallery – listed in chronological order!

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TheLastGuardian2781d ago

Horribly written article. Do not waste your time here. Oh and Rock Band 3 is an October release not November.

Square2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

Thanks for giving away your opinion - maybe you should let people decide about that on their own. And release dates may vary as we obviously don't live in the same country - because it's a wide world, you know?

Edit: November 4th - see? ->

2781d ago
Square2781d ago

for me as well - I love the game - yesterday I heard a song from the OST on tv and I immediately felt ... I can't describe it. The game's just amazing, still.