SG Preview: Motorstorm Apocalypse Impresses, Turns Skeptic Into Believer

SG: I was able to play the new Motorstorm (in 2D unfortunately) at PAX this weekend and though I thought the first one was boring and never bothered with the second, Apocalypse should be on your must-buy list.

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raztad2897d ago

I decided to get MS 3D Rift and I must say game is crazy fun. MS franchise surely deserves a lot more credit that it usually gets.

jack_burt0n2897d ago

Motorstorm is great, all of them, PR was tough tho had it since launch and only like 20% trophies lol

Rhezin2896d ago

people are now starting to get in the habit of seeing 3D sh!t all the time now. "Unfortunately in 2d [email protected]! FAIL!!!" Turnen into zombies, people, I'm tellin ya.