Lord of the Rings Online: You Shall Not Pay Commercial

Gamer Syndrome: A hilarious commercial has been released in order to promote Lord of the Rings Online, titled “You Shall Not Pay” — get it?

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FragMnTagM2813d ago

Always love a good FREE MMO. i never understood the 15 dollars a month crap. I know it costs money for maintenance of the servers and such. What I don't get is why they need to charge monthly for it. Make the game free to play then charge for really awesome items and quests...DLC has proven this works.

Nice to see some developers have some sense and decency left. As much as I love to play games, I miss out on a lot of great stuff because I simply can't afford everything I want to play.

mittwaffen2813d ago

Failed mmos = Free
Money makers = Payed

A company will never part itself with profits in this case.