Top 5 Sites For Video Game Deals & Bargains


"Gaming just doesn’t come cheap these days. Titles can run upwards of $60 each for new releases. Add in the cost of monthly subscription fees, various accessories, plus those pricey consoles to actually play the games of course, and you’re looking at a pretty serious hit to your wallet.

Here’s the top 5 sites for video game deals and bargains."

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chak_2744d ago

no steam? haha what a fail

Stealth Disagreer2743d ago

I think it was just meant to be websites cuz steam is techincally a service but i agree steam is awesome

Darkfocus2743d ago

you still buy the games from a website

SilentNegotiator2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

Actually read the article, hide face in shame.

"You don’t have to scour newspaper ads looking for a sale. Lucky for you and all penny-pinching gamers everywhere, there are plenty of great websites that do all the heavy lifting for you"

commander2743d ago

PC Gaming? Wasnt that popular in the 90s?

zireno2743d ago

I always find the best deals on ebay :)

awiseman2743d ago

Best deals available for pre-orders!