Top 3 Changes Capcom Needs To Make For The Next Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry 4 was just another average hack-and-slack game to me. It didn’t push the envelope or challenge gamers like the original game that started it all.

As a fan of the series since it’s PS2 debut, I’d like Capcom to try and recapture the components that made playing a Devil May Cry game cool. Doing that will take more than just introducing another silver haired, foul mouth, demon hunter to the series.

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ultramoot2571d ago

Agreed with points 1 & 2. But the third point is a bit cliched. C'mon, the old "you killed my friend, now I'll kill you" theme is very outdated nowadays. What they need to do is to label DMC4 as "non-canon" to the storyline and either bring in a sequel to DMC3 or have a spin-off with Vergil's story after DMC3.

And Dante doesn't need to "grow up". He's fine just the way he is. They tried that "mature & serious with a vengeance" thing in the last game on Nero, and the product was a whiny emo-b**ch who just can't stop crying everytime he looks at his girlfriend. I'd rather not have that "annoying drama-queen"-syndrome catch on to Dante's character. It's one of the many reasons why I don't want to see Nero ever again.

kratos1232571d ago

i didnt read the top 5 but they need to give us 1 thing , bring back vergil hey is the best character i have ever seen. he just screams epic