IGN: Black Ops Dedicated Servers Come With a Catch

IGN: Call of Duty: Black Ops for PC will ship with dedicated server support this November, but there's a catch if you want to run your own server

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Gray-Fox2894d ago

Oh wow... typical Activision.

FishCake9T42893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

"an 18 max player limit"...............
When will the police press rape charges on Activision for what they have done to the PC.

evrfighter2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

weren't cod4 slots $.68/slot? due to to it being a free market.

Nothing in the engine has changed here. It's just showing that Activision is getting a piece of the pie. This is rape on so many levels.

Gameservers aren't even that great of a GSP why pick them?

Then again I truly wasn't expecting cod4 freedom. I pretty much knew already it would follow the BC2 model.

bobcostus2893d ago

Considering all the maps are designed for 16-18 players, I fail to see how this is a problem. (this is from a PC gamer) Whenever I play TF2 or CS:S or any shooter on PC, I try to play with around 16 players unless the maps is huge. Otherwise it just feels like a giant mess. PC gamers are still going to get the best Black Ops experience from the sounds of it.

DeadlyFire2890d ago

Still a PC game should have 32 player option. Problem is that the game is built on Xbox 360 engine and ported to the PC. It can't handle more than 24 players without problems. Its just way they coded the game. Activision is solely to blame for this.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2893d ago

So what will consoles have in this regard?

Letros2893d ago

Consoles have listen servers

tinybigman2893d ago

Wow who would have thought a publisher/developer would turn an fps into an MMO

r1sh122893d ago

I think that treyarch have taken this option because of the crazy number of hacks that IW had going on the MW2 servers.
This may be a way to isolate servers and find out how hackers are doing this..
Activision alienated gamers by not allowing dedicated servers, now they have dedicated servers but they have to pay.

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socomnick2893d ago

Yup same thing but dice and ea never got any backlash.

4pocalyps32893d ago

All of their previous games have had an 18 player limit. The previous WaW game had a limit of 32. That is why they are getting backlash now.

divideby02894d ago

frigging joke... on top of a game that has MP which is summed up by..

camp, shoot, move, camp, shoot, move.

all you window and door peaker outers.....

typical Act.....

Apocwhen2893d ago

18 players max for a ranked server, 24 players max for an unranked server, for those that don't want to read the article.

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The story is too old to be commented.