Online retailers break Halo Reach street date

UK retailers and have broken Halo Reach's street date and delivered the game to customers four days in advance of its worldwide September 14th release date, according to many happy customers.

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SpideyNut2901d ago

....those bucky lastards! :o

ShadowCK2901d ago

I got the game today actually, it's fantastic!

DoctorXpro2901d ago

I have both copy and original, playing offline and waiting til 14/09/10.

Happy days

NegativeCreepWA2901d ago

If you have a retail copy you can play online, you wont be banned for a stores mistake.

tdrules2901d ago

Every game I have ever preordered online I got 3/4 days before release.
Am I missing something here?

MrLife2901d ago

Wait wait I got mine like 5 days ago, does that mean I'll get banned if I play it online?
I mean it's not my fault..

SpideyNut2901d ago

....but do it anyway, so we can all laugh at you. :)

kasasensei2901d ago

You won't get banned, but Bungie will reset your points.

The Meerkat2901d ago

They have already done the resetting.
Anybody who plays now will NOT get reset.

SpideyNut2901d ago

...MS is the publisher, and owner of the Halo IP. If someone has an early copy of the game,and foolishly plays it online...Bungie won't be the one to fear.

SixZeroFour2901d ago

@meerkat - who says its only 1 reset? bungie stated that they were resetting on launch date..guess well see if theyve already done it, or will do it again come release date

Baka-akaB2901d ago

they wont do anything . You imagine MS getting bad fox news press because some soccer mom bought the game on a shelves without knowing or caring about the shenanigans behind releases ?
No , they'll do nothing , as long as its a legit copy

MrLife2901d ago

It is legit, thank you.

Roozium2901d ago

No, if you play a legal copy, they can't ban you. If they do, you can sue them.

codyodiodi2901d ago

It's their service they can ban you for whatever they want. You can't sue them.

However you won't get banned for playing a retail copy early, not your fault you got the game.

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Wizziokid2901d ago

I usually get games before release when I pre-order from online, nothing new here.

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The story is too old to be commented.