Four new Bioshock gameplay videos

For those of us who didn't manage to snag a copy of 2K Games' first-person masterpiece, Bioshock (Xbox 360, PC), here's a few choice bits of gameplay video joy to get you through the few days left before its official release. Of course, seeing that this is Bioshock we're talking about, the usual warnings apply - there's quite a bit of violence here, as well as a few spoilers about the Little Sisters you'll be encountering...

Enjoy the Vids...

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Lakuspakus4053d ago

Crazy Little Sister video!

ASSASSYN 36o4053d ago

This game has truly shown the power of the 360. I am so impressed with this game. It has silenced all those people whom said gears of war is the best the 360 can do. I am glad I don't have to WAIT.

solidt124053d ago

I Gotta play this game now. Im walking into Gamestop and smacking the clerk until they give me a copy.