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Ireland's leading gaming website writes "It has been almost a week since the shiny blue box arrived from Sony containing my lovely new Playstation Move controller along with a nice pile of Move enambled games to test it out"

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TheLeprachaun2897d ago

Great review! I look forward to getting my hands on Move.

SuperSaiyan42897d ago

I don't understand when the Wii came out many people made fun of it with jokes about waving the wand around. Sony brings out that looks and works exactly like the Wiimote and Sony fans are all over it.

Microsoft is the only one that has taken it further by not needing anything in your hands which is a lot closer to some of the sci-fi movies out there...

fooltheman2897d ago

it doesn't work like the wii-mote...
read about it...

And maybe you find sci fi movies cool, but all they showed was frustration...
Xbox off...Xbox on
Damn, it's fun for three times then you'll switch back to your controller..

dosgrtr2897d ago

"not needing anything in your hands" forgetting the eyetoy?


Don't blame him, is just another misinformed user.

Studio-YaMi2897d ago

Then don't buy it,carry on

Om Topic :
Only 4 days !!!!!!!! YAY ~

MaximusPrime2897d ago

"Microsoft is the only one that has taken it further by not needing anything in your hands which is a lot closer to some of the sci-fi movies out there..."

Actually Sony already did that with PS2 eyetoy.
Kinect is not fully working and too expensive.

Sony is the one that have taken its PS Move further. Its very very accurate. Many reviewers praise PS Move more than Wiimote. I havent even heard any reviewers praising Kinect.

REALgamer2897d ago

...but that may be because Kinect comes out in November, and reviewers don't have it yet.

You could also say you haven't seen any reviewers praising Infamous 2...because it's not available to review yet...

MaximusPrime2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

@ realgamers:

i should have said pre-viewers not reviewers. sorry to confused you.

i seen many people gave their impression of the peripheral months before reviews. Many were positive impression

strickers2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Rubbish.It's what the Wii was said to do,not the imprecise nonsense(waggle)that Wii actually is.Eyetoy pre dates Kinect by some margin.
I'd guess you are 12 years old.

jwk942897d ago

People are excited about this because Sony brought us what Nintendo promised. When I got my Wii i was happy as a child on christmas, I admit that, and Mario, Zelda, Metroid were loads of fun. But that's just it, that's all that was exceptionally good, (note, I haven't checked the Wii's lineup since like last year, so correct me if something good came out), so I got a ps3, I was impressed and still am impressed by everything they've given me. Beautiful graphics, free online, an awesome controller, an amazing exclusives, and now they are giving us what Nintendo was origianlly supposed to supply us with, 1:1 gaming.

So as you see, these are the reasons that I (and most likely others) are excited for Playstation Move, sadly I won't be able to afford one since im short on cash, but when I get the money, I'll be picked it up. So I advise you to go check out some videos on Move and check out the numerous good reviews it's gotten.

Have a nice day dude.

Acutlaly, here's a video showcasing the 1:1 im talking about.

jwk942897d ago

Here's the link, i guess it broke.

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Dellis2897d ago

Did you know Move is coming SEPT 17TH now, I got an

email/AD from Sony saying it is now coming the 17th.

I think it is a better Idea, the 19th was a damn sunday

17th is a better date since people get pay that day.

rekof2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

+ we get time crisis demo and ping pong !!

(I thought there was some secret shit sony pulled on us europeans not including sports champions,.. We still get Usd:euro -1:1 ripped off(maybe there is tax or smthng in us) ,.. but that is usual,.. 100 euros if you buy sports champions,.

I am so buying this day one,..

@delis ,.. Bro we get it sooner in europe (maybe I am wrong) ,. 15th. It is probably in at retailers buy now,.. so some people with links are playing as we speak,..

Nav price is f***** retarded though ,..(I get it is a price of wiis nunchak but has more buttons and stuff) it is damn half a dualshock ,.. ok it has battery ,.. but still

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