Quantum Theory trailer and date release

"Quantum Theory" is the latest Japanese production studio Tecmo responsible for the production of such hit series as "Dead or Alive" and "Ninja Gaiden".

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xYLeinen2865d ago

I played the demo and I was not impressed. I'm not the guy who disses a game for imitating or taking foundations if you will from other games. (Like Casltevania, I absolutely can't wait for that game)

Quantum is clearly inspired from Gears of War, but I don't see they bring anything new at all. You had Darksiders a while ago who did the same, but in my opinion the game was very well put together and all the elements works very good. Quantum does just seem as a cheap rip off and judging from the demo it won't appeal any GoW fan. For new fans, I can't say for sure, but the mechanics was not that impressive, graphics was edgy, so I can't say this will do very good in my opinion.

SuperTiger2865d ago

Dante's Inferno all over again.

jmmurillo862865d ago

Dante's Inferno was really good, even when it lives under the shadow of God of War.

QT is rubbish in every sense.

HammockGames2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

Graphics = average at best
Weapons = run of the mill
Gameplay = ditto (melee combat was absolute crap)

I love me some Gears and was actually hoping this game would turn out solid. The sad truth is that Gears & Epic have nothing to fear from this game.

QT doesn't just lack polish. As a whole it's a piss poor game. A sad display considering it was delayed and all.

Move along folks - nothing to see here.

mrcash2865d ago

this game is simply horrible well based from the demo I played.

T9X692865d ago

All I have to say is if PS3 only fans REALLY wanted a piece of Gears of War, they got it, but to say that is just insulting Gears of War because of how horrible this game is. I couldn't even finish the demo and had that shit deleted within minutes. Everything about QT is just bad, horrible graphics, unresponsive cover system, clunky controls, you name it. Honestly URT3 is a better representation of Gears than this trash.

xskipperx822865d ago

Yeah, I was horrified by this game. I was really looking forward to it. Looked fun as hell in the videos, but then I played bad. I wonder who's giving you all of those disagrees? probably the same people that are going to give me some. lol

Chucky20032865d ago

why would PS3 owners should want Quantum Theory when they have a game that is 10 time better called Uncharted 2, a game that its even better than Gears 2 in terms of gameplay,i will not even talk about story,i like gears,but after playing Uncharted 2,Gears2 felt too slow and the multiplayer really bad compared to Uncharted 2

Active Reload2865d ago

I only disagreed with you because your last sentence. I think Bulletstorm will be the taste of Gears that PS3 owners will be able to appreciate. And the Unreal tech for a shooter will counter the bashing from naysayers. UT3 came out 3 years ago, a year after the first Gears and Gears was still miles ahead of it in almost every perspective.

mrcash2865d ago

Uncharted2 as a shooter only, could not stand against Gears of war. uncharted 2 is an amazing game but when it comes to multiplayer gears is on another level, don't let the similar cover system fool you because aside from that the gameplay is very different.

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LeShin2865d ago

Though I agree that QT doesn't seem to be very good (from what I can tell from the demo) it's funny to hear from people that this is meant to be like Gears and doesn't do anything different.

Please, name the last fps that did something radically different?

Some people may say Halo because of it's regenerating health. Maybe, but come on now, that was in 2002!

...and to be frank, I played Killswitch before I played Gears and that was a very good third person shooter with an excellent cover mechanic. Just because Gears had the same idea didn't stop it from being a good game.

Quantum Theory is bad simply's bad.

chazjamie2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

if this game did anything right, it was to show us that replicating a great game is a futile task.

Its like they offering Epic a gift for their contribution to the gaming world."look at what we have done, its not close, but we honour you by trying".

stacjakulturapl2865d ago

He is looking good, but nothing new...

Pacman3212865d ago

Demo was absolutely awful.

mushroomwig2865d ago

I couldn't agree more, it was a bad version of Gears Of War.

Chris3992865d ago

I don't know what happened between the initial in-game footage and that mess that they shat out in the form of a demo.

This is a rental or bargin-bin game, for sure.

Chris3992865d ago

Yeah, it's pretty rough. But I'll play any sort of Japanese trash. I have almost all of the achievements for Bulletwitch, if that gives you any indication :)

ThanatosDMC2865d ago

They should write on the back of the retail box "failed copy of Gears".

Sevir042865d ago

the game was total crap, very unplayable and tottaly lack luster in everything.
Bland graphics and very low res character models ugly environments. and clunky controls. it plays like crap and the voice acting is just rubbish. I really can not believe i had expectations of this game being Good.

This game isnt even worth the demo they made. they should seriously just send this back. everything about this game just sucks. i can not believed i was interested in this game.

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dorron2865d ago

I was curious about this title. After playing the demo I no longer give a s**t for it. I rather be playing Vanquish instead. Way better game with similar mechanics.

mushroomwig2865d ago

Yeah, I enjoyed playing Vanquish much more than QT, both games reminded me of Gears.

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