Halo 3: Revisiting A Legend (Part Two)

To continue its celebration of the Halo: Reach launch, NowGamer looks deeper into the creation of Halo 3 and talks to Bungie about how it created one of the biggest shooters in existence.

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JBroken2747d ago

Best selling non wii exclusive game.
Best and most played online exclusive game
Most hated/loved game this generation.
Halo 3 is a legend without rival. There will never be a Halo killer. No exclusive game will ever match its popularity, gameplay, fun factor and online support. Thats why there will never be a halo killer.

cyborg69712747d ago

Yeah right. Keep dreaming kid.

blizzard_cool2747d ago

To each his own. I never could get that much into Halo but it is a fun game. But I don't understand the amount of love it's getting.

STICKzophrenic2747d ago

I was in the same boat you are when I played Halo 3, which was my first Halo game. The more I played the game though, the more I realized just why it was the favorite game of so many people.

There's so much attention to detail in Halo 3. A lot of little things start adding up.

Rhythmattic2747d ago


What you said.

blizzard_cool2747d ago

Lol, for countering my negativism towards Halo. Bubbles!

awiseman2747d ago Show