EOR Working On 'Groundbreaking Multiplayer TPS' Within 'Established Blockbuster Franchise'

A new job listing from Edge of Reality has revealed the studio are set to start on the development of a "groundbreaking" multiplayer third-person shooter within an "established blockbuster franchise".

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mjolliffe2717d ago

A new Battlefront, I would hope. But I don't think LucasArts would put confidence in a studio with minimal third-person-shooter experience. I can't think of other franchises, but it must be big with them mentioning "guaranteed success".

kevco332717d ago

Yeah, from the sounds of it...

scruffy_bear2717d ago

Could be Battlefront, we just have to wait and see. Tho isn't LucasArts in trouble didn't they put there Lego games on hold or something like that

mjolliffe2717d ago

Haven't heard about that. But if they're in a little trouble, I'm sure the decent sales numbers of The Force Unleashed 2 will help them out.

milohighclub2717d ago

the new head honcho at lucasArts cut off third party development there's gonna be no lego games after clone wars

SpaceSquirrel2717d ago

It has been too long since a new Battlefront title.

N4GAddict2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

I can't believe there hasn't been a next-gen Battlefront game.

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ChronoJoe2717d ago

Woah I've never heard of a studio looking for a director. I thought the director was usually there... first... y'know...