The Clash: BF meets COD

Two titans of the FPS. Two genre defining games. Two Explosive titles.
The battle to determine the better game rages on with no sign of ceasing.
Many, like myself, argue that comparing the two is like comparing an orange and an apple, they both may be fruit, but that doesn’t mean they’re anything like each other.

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xYLeinen2896d ago

Battlefield focus on team work and Call of Duty focus on killstreaks. There is no clash in that.

Okey, all the BS aside :p BF and CoD is not comparable. This article is in my eyes unnecessary because it's two different games and you are explaining basics to gamers who already are very aware of these. You don't need to tell a gamer that CoD maps are smaller than BF maps. It's quite obvious.

What if you journalists did make a interesting article instead. Something like comparing two different play styles. Setting up a hardcore CoD gamer in a BF match, and vice versa. Then look on play styles, how they use strategies, and how they adapt generally. That would be interesting. But I guess it's too much effort.

worm20102896d ago

battlefield FTW bitches!!!

2896d ago
homer2896d ago

who wins? MoH? What is the point of this article and tell me who won so I can complain about your preferences.