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Worldwide Weekly Chart for Week Ending 4th Sep 2010

Worldwide Hardware

DS - 230,934 (-4%)
Wii - 185,307 (+5%)
360 - 182,164 (-7%)
PS3 - 142,681 (-2%)
PSP - 87,161 (-17%)
PS2 - 28,643 (-6%) (Nintendo DS, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360)

Counter Strike  +   1813d ago
Wii Back on Top.
Reach to save 360.
Hyrius  +   1813d ago
Nothing can save the 360, there's a bump thanks to the Slim and the Slim 4Gb, but once GT 5 will be out the PS3 will outsell it again. Forever.
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Omega4  +   1813d ago
Shame Kinect comes out the same time as GT5 so the PS3 will be very lucky if it even manages to outsell the 360 again this gen.
Shadow Flare  +   1813d ago
You're really expecting kinetc to sell like the wii aren't you omega. I won't deny it'll sell well over the holidays because Microsoft will Market it to death. But for the future, it has NOTHING. No games, too expensive, doesnt even work properly. Plus don't expect halo reach to do an awful lot on the hardware sales. Unless they weren't interested in the 3 halo games already out.
T9X69  +   1813d ago
@ShadowFlare - So you can predict the future now? If you haven't noticed MS is focused on 2010, not 2011 at the moment. MS has almost nothing announced for 2011 and to think there isn't going to be any games because they haven't announced them in 2010 is just stupid. MS main focus right now is Reach and Kinect, one they both launch we will start seeing what MS does for 2011. Also Halo not a system seller? Please.

@blackbeld - Move launches the 17th, not the 15th.
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blackbeld  +   1813d ago
Shall I predict the future?

Doomsday for 360 starts at 15 Sep 2010! The day Move officially on the market! 360 will be on 3th place this gen. just like it was with the first xbox.

M$ will announce in 2011 new Xbox! Release date 2012 new Xbox. 2012 360 no more support.

Edit: Ohh 17 Sep 2010! Doomsday 360 2 days more for 360 lol.
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Apotheosize  +   1813d ago
Look mom, fanboys
cayal  +   1813d ago
"What's it like there at the bottom huh bottom feeder? Psp keeping you company at the bottom?"

Pretty damn good games down here. How's Halo and Gears and lol...what else do you have? Oh right, you have sales, I suppose you may as well play something like sales since you have nothing else.
alb1899  +   1813d ago
Hyrius are you blind don't you see that without reach out 360 have sell more software this week than PS3 can you imagine what will be when is out!

Worldwide Software Totals
Console Weekly (change) Total (tie ratio)
Wii 1,926,701 (+19%) 510,989,196 ( 6.92)
X360 1,235,508 (-7%) 373,803, 272 (8.71)
DS 1,129,407 (+1%) 572,621,526 (4 .28)
PS3 1,094,392 (-8%) 264,772,237 (7 .07)
PSP 537,936 (-26%) 160,522,139 (2. 68)
PS2 174,366 (-0%) n/a
PC 85,520 (-34%) n/a
Total 6,183,830 (-2%)
blackbeld  +   1813d ago

PS3 owners are saving up money for bigger titles like GT5, Black Ops, MOH and specially Move Stuff!
Commander_TK  +   1813d ago
Why r PS3
fanboys spinning it around now that it's being outsold by the 360? I thought they didn't care about sales?
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alb1899  +   1812d ago

If we aré talking about sales it matters a lot who sales more and if we aré talking about cuality it will matter witch is better console but this time we aré talking about sales so why, why.......
MaximusPrime  +   1813d ago
Unlike PS3, Xbox 360 seriously needs saving. Halo Reach is an answer
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eagle21  +   1813d ago
Wii back...lol. DS cuts price sept. 12th and still sold like that? Wow. :)
chazjamie  +   1813d ago
wish the wii would go away already.

damn this ds is closing in on the ps2.

EDIT: i am referring to total sales, based on the websites stats.

DS: 133,796,373
PS2: 136,845,066
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n4f  +   1812d ago
yeah i know, its annoying to the hardcore gamer!!!
but the wii is not going for the same competition why you want it away? tell me
shoddy  +   1813d ago
marathon my friend.
ps3 have a long lasting future with bluray 3D and greatest games on earth.
alb1899  +   1813d ago
I don't see it like you because when a new wii comes and 720 or whatever you won't want to play this crap graphics!
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Death2494  +   1813d ago
I can't believe....
VGChartz anymore simply because when Microsoft announced how many units they've sold, the site immediately updated their LTD sales. But when Sony announce "Back in June" that they've sold more than 38 million ps3, but VGchartz still have them sitting at 37million. I don't think you can call that being a credible, unbiased site. I'm almost definitely sure Sony has moved more than 2 million units since June, which would have them past the 40million units sold mark. They will let us know at TGS what the numbers are. VGchartz really need to update their LTD sales for the ps3.
alb1899  +   1813d ago
Keep dreaming........the situation has change!
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xAlmostPro  +   1813d ago
meh its only obvious really, although what i did see was mw2 on the ps3 has sold 8 and a half million, while 360 is almost 11 and a half.. i really thought the gap was far bigger than that tbh.. <off topic but i genuinely thought the gap was closer to 5million+
Death2494  +   1813d ago
It is....
VGChartz isn't updating Sony's numbers at the least. At e32010 Microsoft announced that is sold more than 40million xbox360s, and Sony announced that they've sold more than 38million ps3s. If you look at VGchartz, they still have the ps3 sitting at 37million units, even though Sony reported this back in June.

wiki: http://webcache.googleuserc...
"As of June 2010, there are over 41.7 million Xbox 360 consoles worldwide."


"Sony's PS3 is totaled at 38.1 million as of June 30th, so the gap is shrinking."
Jay-Tech  +   1813d ago
vgchartz = Micro$oft
Sweeper_  +   1813d ago
Playstaion dominated the previous 2 generations and is now struggling in last place.
Compare the Wii to the game and the xbox to the xbox 360.They have been huge improvements and sucessfull
Now compare the PS3 to the PS2.Sony messed up big time this gen.The only people who will deny that are Sony fanboys
They went from first place with a huge amount of marketshare to last place struggling to play catchup to the 360 a console that suffers from hardware problems and piracy with less features than the PS3 but still outsells the PS3.
Could somebody explain to me how on earth the PS3 is still in last place
All_4_One  +   1813d ago
I suppose I can explain it if you want. The PS3 launched an entire year after the 360, even more than that in some places, and on top of that, focuses on grabbing the same general audience. You must also take into account that both the Wii and the 360 have been at $200 for quite some time, while the PS3 has not. If the PS3 would have been at $200, it would have blown past the 360, and have the Wii in it`s sights by now. But it`s not at $200, why? Because obviously Sony is more concerned with making a profit right now than fueling some stupid sales war.
n4f  +   1812d ago
man wtf you gonna explain what an excuse?
1. more sales= more profit. if sony are not concern by sales then what is the point

2. ''ps3 launch a years later than 360''so does the wii.
what you gonna tell me because it has a lower price tag? or that it launch 3 day earlier than ps3 that is why wii is at 70 mil+? i mean come on with outdate gfx, lower spec, lower resolution,waggle fest,poor online support, lack of multiconsole games,no hardcore only kids game,no trophy/achievement on more game,no dlc/patch/tittle update i mean dont you think it should have bomb now?
Seferoth75  +   1812d ago
All_4_One, That honestly made me laugh. The pric of the PS3 is what it is because Sony blew every penny they made off of PS2 just developing the PS3, Now it is the last place selling console with really poor software sales.

They cant afford to drop the price. THe only people fueling the console wars are people like you that talk BS about a company you know nothing about. I am sure in your eyes Sony released the PS3 cause they love you and want you to be a gamer. IN reality they released it cause they want to put food on the table. Something great reviews but poor sales doesnt do.

Anyway I loved the spin of your post. Amusing to say the least.
bobdog626  +   1813d ago
I like to see those charts next week
3 more days just 3 more.Can't wait,LoL

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