Top 5 most successful and inspirational Developers

Msxbox-world takes a look at some of the more well known developers of our times.

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Newtype2747d ago

Notice how there's no Playstation developers.....*msxbox-world.c om* Weak.

CrazyForGames2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

playstation developer? what does that even mean? if you mean sony 1st party devs then no there really are none

they single out individuals who as the tittle implies are "Top 5 most successful and inspirational Developers"
there is no single individual from sonys first party devs that would make that top 5 list

but if your talking about devs who do games on the playstation then you should know kojima is obviously on the list and who besides him would you consider to be in the "Top 5 most successful and inspirational Developers"

keep in consideration the 5 guys on this list have been in the business for a long long time and have been very successful and inspirational whether you like em or not (molyneux)

Scott6672747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

To the guys who disagree with CrazyForGames: If you disagree, could you at least state who you believe should be on the list? Sony does have great guys like Ueda and Jaffe, but I don't think that any of them could stack up to guys like Miyamoto or Wright in terms of influence.

CrazyForGames2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

bubbles up scott well said doesn't matter if you like sonys first party devs compared to the people on this list its a no contest

the story was
"Top 5 most successful and inspirational Developers"
like it or not no sony first party dev would make it on this list because they have very few successful and inspirational single INDIVIDUALS
key words here "TOP 5 most SUCCESSFUL and INSPIRATIONAL Developers"

people on this list have gone on to make many many games so many of them huge successes not to mention the inspiration they have caused the industry as well as the influence they hold

LeonSKennedy4Life2747d ago

I disagree.

I'd say many Sony 1st party developers have been just as influential as many of those.

Obviously, Miyamoto is the most influential, but still.

Uncharted has influenced many games since its release.
God of War has influenced many games since its release.
Twisted Metal has influenced many games since its release.
Crash Bandicoot.
Jak & Daxter.

inb4 "not 1st party"

RedDead2747d ago

Tetsuya Nomura hasn't done anything that great yet, he's only started creating games as the producer with Kingdom hearts, other than that he's just a character designer.

Wait for Versus and see if he can bring back the light to J-rpg's

callahan092747d ago

I agree with this list as a list of individuals. These guys are all fantastic designers with a lot of creativity and their games are all interesting and fun and unique.

I do have to question the use of the word "developers" though. None of these guys are really developers. Maybe some of them once were (I don't know their full history & beginnings), but these guys are designers now. The people that work for them are the developers. There's a difference. Examples of individual developers who could deserve a spot on a list like this, maybe John Blow (Braid), Terry Cavanaugh (VVVVVV), Jason Rohrer (Sleep Is Death), etc.? Those guys are *developers* as well as designers, and to me they are inspiring in their one-man-band kind of approach to game making and the impressive and creative results they always finish with.

x5exotic2747d ago


uncharted was inspired way too many games and movies than u can imagine :D

Arnon2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

The article is talking about a single developer. Not a group. Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica, etc. are great developers, but there isn't a single one person in their studios that stands up to these people. I mean... do you honestly know anyone within the studios mentioned that are remotely comparable to Shigeru Miyamoto or Hideo Kojima?

And yes, believe it or not folks, Peter Molyneux is a fantastic developer, and has some of the most fantastic ideas, even if a lot of them never see the light of day. The man was developing video games before a lot of you were even born. Myself included.

Homicide2746d ago

"Uncharted has influenced many games since its release."

Gears of War, Killswitch says hello!

"God of War has influenced many games since its release."

God of War was inspired by Devil May Cry.

"Twisted Metal has influenced many games since its release."

Eh, I'll give you that one. Though, you don't see many of those games on the market.

"Crash Bandicoot.
Jak & Daxter."

Mario anyone?


Not at all.

Anyways, this list individuals, not the group.

EYEamNUMBER12746d ago

what crazyforgames is saying is pretty much true there are no single individuals at any of sonys 1st or 2nd parties that would make it on a list like this

besides most of the games leon listed got inspiration from another game before it

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Natsu X FairyTail2747d ago

man stfu. There's freaking Kojima in there.

tdrules2747d ago

Because there's not any individuals who have been innovative on Playstation that aren't called Kojima, truth hurts don't it?

FFXNo12746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

I love Miyamoto's work, but how the F*** can you compare a genius that made significant work in relativity, thermodynamics and many more things. I freaking hate idiots that see game developers as gods. Learn some Physics and than give a more educated opinion

I really hope you are joking

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No-Brainer2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Hideo Kojima doesn't develop PS3 games now does he?

Oh wait, yes he does. The story image is even Hideo Kojima. You did not read the article because you're likely to be 13 years old and reading is too much for you.

Think before you type otherwise don't type at all.

stonecold32747d ago

to have a ps3 game exclusive at the tokyo game show next week please dont disagree we should wait and see its an big annoucment

Nate-Dog2747d ago

He debunked that rumour a long time ago I'm afraid. And according to Konami's TGS site, they have no plans to announce anything new at TGS. (And you know Konami will make a big deal about anything that they do have.)

darkdoom30002747d ago

Kojima FTW!!!!

I want to have his babies!!!!

MiloGarret2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Kojima should be replaced by John Carmack
An P.M. should be replaced by Gabe Newell.

Like it or not shooters are the predominant genre in the videogame industry and these two guys have, to a great degree, driven development in the genre.
Newell isn't very inspirational though...

SnakeforPresident2747d ago

Your wither kidding about Kojima or insane.
The man made storytelling in games popular. Ask some one to name you developers they know and your going to get Myamoto and Kojima first.

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Basil-Rathboner2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

I would snaffle a place for the great Fumito Ueda as i think he is an inspirational developer.

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