Black Ops Gameplay(TDM and Wager)

Gameplay of Black ops from a reporter. In 3 parts each so, 3 for TDM and 3 for wager which happens to be gungame.

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vickers5002870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

Treyarch seems to be doing a great job balancing this game out. Hearing that the guns handle like the weapons in Call of Duty 2 and that it has the over all feel of Call of Duty 2 is music to my ears.

2870d ago
ChronoJoe2870d ago


Well I've seen all these already. COD fanboy in my clan linked them me a couple days ago I think.

Looks sweet though.

HSx92870d ago

no, it may loo like it, but on an interview one of the developers said that will just make it splitscreen.

ChronoJoe2870d ago

I just noticed something. It displays your KDR on the scoreboard...

Oh man that's going to be sooo detrimental to the way people think, when playing the game... campers galore.

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The story is too old to be commented.