Bulbanews: October CoroCoro begins to leak

The October issue of CoroCoro has begun to leak onto the internet, with pages full of new Pokémon and evolutions of previously-revealed Pokémon that will be featured in the soon to be released Black & White versions.

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RexRacer2781d ago

Yes afrobull will be on my team. I love it.

Jack-Pyro2781d ago

Afrobull used "Fro Pick!"


BoredPikachu2781d ago

Got to love Dent, Pod, Monmen, and Churine :3.

Archaic2781d ago

I can't describe how happy I am that the page showing the starters supposed evolutions was confirmed to be a fraud. The rest of these look mighty fine.

Naughty Dog2781d ago

It's confirmed real now. I'm just disappointed that it's another Fire Fighting and it's a pig.

ingiomar2781d ago

Doryuuzu I choose YOU!!

2781d ago
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