Find a Gran Turismo 5 Demo Kiosk Near You

GTPlanet helps you track down GT5 demos at retail stores around the country.

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crazyturkey2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

have the demo.

RememberThe3572782d ago

None in the 206! Come on, this is MS 's back yard! You gotta put one here!

totallysane2782d ago

nothing ever comes to missouri. EVER!!

RememberThe3572782d ago

At least MS shows Seattle love. And we just had PAX so I guess I can't really complain...

ScoobyDrew2780d ago

nothing close... except in f'in Lynnwood

SanMarco2782d ago

i just played it today XD. for like 5 min.. took the enzo & 458 italia in ROME! effin awesome.. im going back there to play it this week. lol

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The story is too old to be commented.