Video Game Releases: 9/12/10 – 9/18/10

"It has been a long time coming however finally this is the week that Halo: Reach will drop. Granted this is the game that will probably eat up most of my gaming time this week there are plenty of titles out there for those of you who dislike the Halo franchise.

Disclaimer: Release dates subject to change.

My Pick This Week: Halo Reach – 9/14"

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EmotionalNinja2869d ago

I can't believe that Halo Reach is finally coming out this week! I am ready for a lot of showerless days.

DarkFantasy2867d ago

eww o__o..take a shower stinky.

codyodiodi2868d ago

I just saw that some places are breaking street dates for Halo Reach too.