Ace Combat Assault Horizon behind the scenes video

Ace Combat Assault Horizon director Kazutoki Kono talks about the new Ace Combat game while footage of the project is also shown.

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Godmars2902842d ago

but I'm still wonder why Armored Core 5 seems to have fallen off the radar. Could see the combat engine he's talking about work really well for that game.

dredgewalker2842d ago

I liked the old Armored Core for the PS2. I was a little alienated with the PS3 Armored Core. I'm interested to see if the new Ace Combat is any good and it's been a long time since I played an Ace Combat game.

madao2842d ago

I feel this "close range assault" game is trying to appeal to the FPS crowd who enjoy 'boom headshot' kind of entertainment.
To me, Ace Combat has always been about atmosphere of grand scale battles, the radio chatters, and the music.

On Armored Core 5, really hoping to see some new footage from TGS2010.

MechaZain2842d ago

Until Tom Clancy gets it right with HAWX I will stick with Ace Combat

worm20102842d ago

ace combat: squadron leader best game ever!!!

i don't like how it has moved to the REAL WORLD i prefered fighting huge flying fortresses.

Nugundam00792842d ago

The new ace combat game on psp was in the real world AND it had giant flying fortresses

worm20102842d ago

cool i'll have to check it out

2842d ago
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