Analysts Predict PS3 To Beat 360 For July

Ahead of the July video game sales data from The NPD Group, which is expected on August 23, Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter has issued his usual preview report, suggesting U.S. software sales of $425 million, up 12.5% compared to last year's $378 million.

Pachter's overall forecast includes an estimated sell-through of 450,000 DS units, 330,000 Wiis, 115,000 Xbox 360s, 160,000 PS3s, 205,000 PS2s, 225,000 PSPs, and 85,000 GBA units.

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Bazookajoe_834019d ago

And i havent been a member on Ng4 so long, but this chart articles allways starts flamewar..

Peace people!!!

ALI-G4019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

even me the biggest sony hater i know the PS3 price cut will have impact and ps3 will sell more than 360 in july.they call them self analysis.but in august everything is back to normal.than in september 360 will blow ps3 out of water than in october november (same story).

@below: i am student but guess what i earned full scholarship my tuition fees paid by the government and my living covered by the government and once i finsh i will work for them. what you do ? mamy and dady give you money to buy ur console ? i am xbox fanboy becuse the platform give me all i need [email protected]@.

crck4019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

Pachter probably makes more in a month then you make in a year. So maybe its you who needs to find a real job. Then you'll have some real money and not be forced into being a stupid fanboy.

A Man4019d ago

Buy a black mirror with no games, what a great idea!

Anego Montoya FTMFW4019d ago

"Buy a black mirror with no games, what a great idea"

that has MANY games coming.
a 0.2% failure rate.
Future of Media Storage.
SD slots.
Built in HDD in every one.
The BEST 1st party devs in HISTORY.

or buy a system that currently HAS games, BUT can`t work long enough to play them.

your choice.

Biasmania4019d ago

Super Rub A Dub Dub owns all. No seriously it has games, it has good games coming. And plus that sucker is sleek looking. Plus if the wife is in th ebathroom you can always shave in the reflection.

solidt124019d ago

Good one Gilego Montoya. Stop hating on the PS3 people. Are you jealous because Unreal Tournament is coming to the PS3 this fall and that the PS3 has more exclusives. Im gonna just watch for all the haters response and laugh.

Rockstar4019d ago

XBox fanboys have a huge problem with looking forward.

bennyace4019d ago

it s weird how games are always ''coming'' for ps3 it seems we heard that since launch, with almost no games to play it s normal that the failure rate is so low. and by the way we can all agree that the best 1 st party developer is by far Nintendo

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TriggerHappy4019d ago

This will be great for Sony as industry and even better for fanboys as they will have , just another reason to keep the "Vs" argument going.

cdzie14019d ago

That this round of the console war is going to belong to the 360. Sony may win July, but heading into the Holidays, Xbox has them beat in almost every way.

sjappie4019d ago

My choice, I'd rather have the games and if it breaks, wait two weeks, then wait 2 years.

Biasmania4019d ago


Come on man, I have no beef with the 360, I chose the PS3 because I am a Metal Gear nut job, I have no issues with Microsoft, the 360, whatever. But to have something that is going to tear up is crazy, and to just accept it is just as crazy.. And to say we have to wait 2 years? Come on.

solidt124019d ago

Wait for it to break. Thats lame. It is all about the games. If everyone protest the 360 and get a PS3 all the game that use to be exclusives will follow. The PS3 and 360 is capable of next gen gaming so why buy the one that will break. I bought a 360 last year before I was aware of all the hardware issue and did not know it used DVD. I use to think you needed HD-DVD or Blu-Ray to play HD games so it made no since to me that they put games on a DVD-9. Once I learned that it used DVD I knew its days were numbered because of the Space limitation, but it still has good games. I don't see why anyone would buy a 360 now unless they just have to play Halo 3, but you are going to miss so many other games like MGS4, UT3, MGO, HAZE, Little Big Planet, Heavenly Sword, SOCOM, WARHAWK, ect. I say play Halo 3 then trade it in for a PS3.

Bathyj4019d ago

I agree with Biasmania.

Launch was only 6 months ago for me and I bought 4 great games straight away. Sure I've only gotten 2 or 3 since then (not counting download games) but its actually been a slow year for all consoles including Xbox.

But the waits been worth it. I could name 10 games on PS3 right now that I am buying this year. No one can complain about that.

Back to the article.
I love how this analysts can predict the PAST. They'd be great guys to have around the day after an emergency. What a job.

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