German Hardware Charts

May numbers:

June numbers:

July numbers
1. Wii - 26,000
2. PS3 - 8,000
3. 360 - 5,000

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akaFullMetal3933d ago

good for ps3, but then they dropped down, and the wii still kicking everyones a$$es

VaeVictus3933d ago

In other news, cheap items outsell their similar, superior expensive counterparts.

killer_trap3933d ago

it seems price isn't affecting the ps3 in Germany.but then again it's the country where Mercedes & BMW come from. i don't think they mind buying an 800$ system.

i think they're all rich there ;-)

Vertius3933d ago

The 360 doesn't have the foothold in Europe everyone seems to think it has. I should know, I live here.

Clinton5143933d ago

I couldn't careless about the outcome but the way I see it is that there's no way any one of the 3 console giants are claiming a victory without Europe.

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The story is too old to be commented.