Michael Jackson's Moonwalker Review - The Digitalized King Of Pop Is Not Dead

The second you put this game in and press Start, you are greeted with a digitized version of one of the best music videos of all time: Michael strolls into a club in a white suit, flips a quarter into the jukebox from ten feet away, Smooth Criminal starts playing, and it’s time to get it AAWWWNNN!

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Aaronvir2814d ago

Loved this game! Great article - Michael will be forever missed.

dark-hollow2813d ago

Ahh mj on the sega genesis
Good times (:

lociefer2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

stupid ppl like u who love to be blinded by the media make me sick , maybe do a little research b4 u go pointing fingers, MJ was 1 of the purest souls who ever walked the earth. RIP

DarkTower8052813d ago

Pure soul my ass. Maybe you should do some research, if you did you would know about the MANY other people Michael paid off BEFORE a case could be brought to trial.

Funny how other grown men who sleep with kids that aren't their own go to jail and get labeled child molesters, but when Jacko does it, he's called a "pure soul".

lociefer2813d ago

links ? thought so, stop pullin stuff out ur butt just to emerge victorious in a comment

Lifendz2813d ago

Personal controversies aside, the guy was probably the biggest star in the world during the 80s. As a kid this game was amazing. It was disappointing that it wasn't like the arcade version, but it was a good game. Back to Demon's Souls I go.

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DarkTower8052813d ago

Not by me, that pedo can burn in hell. I can't believe how people can forgive him just because he was a star.

Fadetoblack692813d ago

Couldn't agree more. MJ is proof that anythings acceptable as long as you're rich and famous enough. "The King of Pedophilia returns and America loves him!" Make me want to puke.

ChronoJoe2813d ago

If he got convicted, then you could say that.

But don't blame the fans, now - blame the american court system, if you got a problem.

Lifendz2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

Bubbles up. I love the music and the music videos. Some really great memories in my life involved my family gathering around to enjoy that man's music and dancing.

I can separate my appreciation for his music from my disdain for what he's alleged to have done. Same way I can watch the old Naked Gun movies and laugh my @$$ off despite one of the film's major stars being on trial for murder.

Nugundam00792813d ago

The kid admitted to lying in the end-good one Einstein take your hate for dead people elsewhere

Skadoosh2813d ago

LOL! And here is just a clear case of ignorance at its finest. Typical stupidity. How about this. You give me any proof that MJ did it? Can you? Can you???? You have any proof? No you don't.

I can give you millions of examples on why MJ was just targeted because of his weakness and money.

Yes the first kid admitted to lying. Did you also know the second kid's father went to a well known crooked celebrity lawyer FIRST before he contacted the police? Did you know that he was sued for millions for his shoddy dental business?

No I bet you didn't know anything like that. Just another stupid unintelligent and ignorant sucker who reads to much dirty paparazzi magazines.

HDgamer2813d ago

OJ didn't get convicted of murder of his two wives but it was clear as day he did it. People are just ignorant, he was rich too and look what happened. R kelly raped a girl on camera, what all of these have to do with it? The fans are stupid mindless drones and the pedophile will burn in hell.

Lannient2813d ago

My comment is mainly to you bro, check it out.

Bigpappy2813d ago

Convicted in the media and must be hung. Any multi-millionaire accused in the media is guilty says DarkTower805: "It was on TV, the media guy said that it was disgusting that MJ admitted to letting kids sleep in his bed while he was in the bed room. Some thing must have happen, even a priest would not be able to resist the temptation of little boys in his bed."

Has everyone in the world gone mad? Why can a little boy or girl sleep in your bed with out you violating them? Is this the new normal?
I have had my brothers kids and my kids and friends of my wife kids come over and fall asleep in my bed on many ocations. Are you now going to send the cops to my home? Or are you going to drive over and shoot me yourself.

You are the Sick AMF'er. Who believe thinks like this with out and proof, because you would do the same.

Tommykrem2813d ago

It should be possible to love MJ's music, but not his obsession with... children. Besides, he wasn't convicted, so the only thing he was ever guilty of was being very similar to an average undead. But if he actually WAS a pedophile, then he'll get his punishment... somehow... if religions are right.

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thedisagreefairy2813d ago

google "angry videogame nerd" and watch his review for this game. its so funny!

Crake2814d ago

This game touches me like Micheal would :D

BlowUp2814d ago

Damn now I just wanna save some kids with my sick dance moves. Dammit MJ! we wouldn't have such child abduction problems if you were still here.

Caithness2814d ago

Lol! This is hands down one of the funniest and most well put together reviews I have ever read!

Big pat on the back to the writer. Absolutely hilarious!

2813d ago
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