Medal of Honor Combat Mission Video

Combat Mission multiplayer, coalition forces have to take out five consecutive objectives to win. Sounds a bit like Rush Mode in Bad Company 2, we know. But it should, considering DICE is the developer of both Medal of Honor and BC2 multiplayer modes....

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lostinplace2896d ago

Game looks AWESOME. Imagine if this game was not overshadowed by Black Ops....

-Alpha2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

Black Ops looks better IMO.

I like Battlefield, but I hated the MoH beta and I don't think I'll like this hybrid. Also, DICE really abandoned the BC2 community with cheap "new map DLC" and other issues I had with the game. I don't like the idea of playing a game that really directly is similar to COD but borrows from Battlefield. They are two different shooters and combining them the way they do just feels odd.

Say what you want about COD but at least they give out new maps. $15 may be too much but if you enjoy the product and end up getting your money's worth what's to complain about?

And also, I find COD to be a much better social experience. With split-screen online coming I'm skipping MoH for sure.

I'm interested in how the SP turns out though.

ChronoJoe2896d ago

I'm going to buy it and see how it is, but I agree with you Alpha.

I don't think it does enough to differentiate itself from Battlefield, and in some respects in the process manages to make itself actually inferior to battlefield.

I'm interested in the SP though, developed in a different engine, isn't it? U3 for SP, and Frostbite for MP... so it's SP will likely feel and look very different to MP... which is going to be kind of weird...

zeksta2896d ago

Say what you'd like about DICE games, but overall your missing out on opportunities to try games, BC2 has amazing multilayer, the only thing that held it back was having only a squad of 4.

That being said, the game was a Let Down for not supplying servers to specific regions and the dreadful amount of lag you got from most games, but overall the game's experience was and is fun.

Now, i know you as a COD whore do enjoy paying a nifty amount for 2 Crappy re-makes and playing a game full of campers, but most people these days wanna enjoy a game with a more Tactical Side to it, yes this is a combo of both BF and MW2-ish, but at least it'll have a few decent sized maps!

blackbeld2896d ago

It looks better then MW2 but Black Ops looks good too. I prefer Black Ops cause you can run faster! MOH runs to slow!

theEnemy2896d ago


Looks like every AR is like an ACR in MW2.

ChronoJoe2896d ago

It's not. There's a realistic amount of recoil, it's in between BC2 and MW2, but still very far from MW2.

RememberThe3572896d ago

one is that I think the guns need to spray a bit more. The other is that the guns don't even seem to jump back when you shoot. It's like they're lazier guns.

Otherwise I think it looks much better then the beta.

Too bad this story is a duplicate.

theEnemy2896d ago

Dude have you tried using the ACR and the SCAR ?

The recoil in the vid is how the recoil acts in those guns in MW2.

And those 2 are the most recoil-less in MW2.

Other guns such as the AK47 or F2000 in MW2 have ridiculous recoils.

If you're still in doubt, then check this out:


ChronoJoe2896d ago

Yeah, like 2 days old actually isn't it?

*sigh* xD

I don't think recoil needs to be accurate for the game to be fun though. I liked how COD4 was setup, personally. :)

RememberThe3572896d ago

I just saw "lazier guns". lol


Elwenil2896d ago

It's amazing how many people have never shot a weapon and think every weapon has "Rambo M60" recoil. For the fools that think that an M4 and similar 5.56mm rifles jump all over the place I submit the following to teach you a little something:

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frankymv2896d ago

Looks fucking superb!

day 1

CJJA2896d ago

looks like a generic shooter honestly. nothing new to see. im so bored of shooters lately

Fanb0y2896d ago

"So bored of military shooters lately."


Halo Reach, son. Halo Reach.

vmanj2896d ago

Why does every gun have absolutely no recoil? I just dont understand I no they r trying to make it simple for people to enjoy but comeon even cod has recoil.

Like many keep saying this game is way too similar to bad company 2...honestly the only real difference I see is that in MOH they reward u for ur effort with killstreaks thats about it. It feels like DICE was forced into working on this game and they got extremely lazy.

The single player looks good on the other hand so MOH i will be renting for the single player and black ops will be for multiplayer and single player!!!!

and til then Halo: Reach FTW

BulletToothtony2896d ago

to me it felt like it did have recoil.. but then again i only use burst weapons to avoid this exactly..

i still enjoyed the beta a lot.. the auto aim was lower than cod games which makes it a bit more skills oriented.. which is why i'll prolly buy it

Elwenil2896d ago

On the point of recoil, see my post above.

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