Grand Theft Auto trilogy set for a re-release on Mac. PS3 and 360 too, please Rockstar?

Remember a little series of games known as the Grand Theft Auto trilogy? That rather beautiful set of discs released last generation for the Xbox, PS2 and PC? Remember how it provided us with the delights of GTAs III, Vice City and San Andreas? Well now it's getting a re-release. On Mac. Cue jubilant air-punches of delayed vindication for Apple fans, but sad faces for 360 and PS3 owners.

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TheLastGuardian2746d ago

The 3 best GTAs with Trophies in HD would be amazing.

Nitrowolf22746d ago

i would buy that in a pinch

SilentNegotiator2746d ago

I'd buy it in a Walmart.


Red_Orange_Juice2746d ago

how much would you pay for that?

SilentNegotiator2746d ago

Hopefully it would be $40 and further embed the trend.

Gago2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

now getting games console/pc owners already played 9 years ago

SilentNegotiator2746d ago

Stealth Disagreer? You mean stealth troller...

fooltheman2746d ago

apple isn't know for being a gaming machine...

though blizzard always made a market for it's games...

DaTruth2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

They should make this for PS3 with all cities accessible at anytime by plane. Whichever story you're playing would remain the same, but at any time you can jump a plane and fly from SA to VC.

And if possible, throw in some new missions that require going to other cities, like that one mission in San Andreas where you go back to Liberty City and shoot up the Mafia.(probably impossible due to actors and licensing, but maybe they could add in new content and actors into the old stories, given the mission structure of GTA games being what it is)

Edit: Said PS3 because there's really no chance of this fitting on a DVD and switching disks would render it pointless.

TheLastGuardian2746d ago

That would be cool but I think they should do a whole new game with all 3 cities in one.

DaTruth2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

That would also be amazing! But more amazing would be both our ideas on one disk. All the old stories, including the PSP ones and one massive story with all cities taking place over 25-30 years, from VC in the 80's to SA in the 90's to LC in the new millenium!(Cameo appearances would be insane)

TheLastGuardian2746d ago

Actually more than 3 cities in one, I'd rather see Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Stories(hints my avatar). It can be set in the 60's and have The Truth as the protagonist with pot smoking and selling mini games. They can't fit San Andreas on the PSP but I hope it comes out on the psp2.

DaTruth2746d ago

They could have almost unlimited size for SA:stories if it were a digital download. I don't know the limit on UMD storage, but DD can exceed that(don't know if that's practical though).

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gtamike2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

Lets hope R* looked back at these old more fun GTA's and not make after crap less fun GTA like GTA4 was.
Next GTA is a rent you let me down rockstar (coming from die hard fun)

Want the old GTAs in HD? Get PC versions and pluggin in PS3 controller and install controller drivers. done

siyrobbo2746d ago

same here, only id want achievements not trophies

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C L O U D2746d ago

That would be amazing!

Ahh when GTA III first came out...listening to the opening theme.

Great times.

Zydake2746d ago


TheLastGuardian2746d ago

GTA: San Andreas is the ever!

Zydake2746d ago

.meh didnt like that one lol

Eiffel2746d ago

Meh at Vice City, San Andreas all the way.

Stealth20k2746d ago

Why dont they make a new gta game instead of sitting on there asses

mrcash2746d ago

what are you talking about? rockstar is always busy, they just released rdr, next is agent and la noire and whatever else they are working on.

Stealth20k2746d ago

La noire isnt being made by rockstar and agent is in development hell.

Rockstar north and all there gta teams are sitting on there asses

SephireX2746d ago

Yes. They're sitting on their arses making games. They don't make them while running around.

siyrobbo2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

nobody knows anything about agent yet, they just have not revealed anything yet. I remember a few months ago, red dead redemption was coming out in a couple of months and nobody had seen anything about it, everyone was expecting it to be a mess of a game, look how that turned out.

Rockstar know what they are doing, even when it seems like they dont

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ChronoJoe2746d ago

Got to be honest.

I'd rather have the entirety of last gen in HD, to this gen... at all... games cost too much to produce now, which makes them in the end, better visually, but shorter, less fun and more expensive.

ChronoJoe2746d ago

Why'd you think that way? it's fine to do so, but why just post 'not true' surely a disagree would have sufficed.

SephireX2746d ago

Wait a minute. Are you saying that FF7 is better than FFXIII? Oh wait...

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