8 Of The Best SSDs For Your Gaming Rig

Igniq says: "My recent article on building your own gaming PC sparked a fury of debate on a number of websites precisely because I omitted a solid state drive from my build.

I’ve since done a little research and have compiled a list of 4 high-end SSDs and 4 more affordable models that won’t break the bank."

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RedDragan2863d ago

Seriously folks, if you are looking to get an SSD it will do what you need it to. It would be nice to have one of the other three in the budget range but I cannot see where you would need the extra write speed. The 70MBs will do you fine... if you ever reach that speed that is.

(I got the 160GB version, not the 80GB in the review).

hoops2862d ago

Lets pray that Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo adopt SSD or fast and massive HDD for the next round of consoles and ditch Optical Media such as Blu-Ray and DVD-9 and have all games installed on those drives.
Blu-Ray and DVD-9 are just too slow compared to full installs.
Have the physical disk whatever it is (DVD-9 or Blu-Ray) and just install all games on the consoles SDD or HDD.