Halo: Reach Pre-order Bonus List

Video game stores are handing out free swag for pre-ordering Bungie's latest Halo epic, Halo: Reach. Here is a list of a number of pre-order bonuses.

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pat_11_52867d ago

I want the blow up sword!

Garrus_Vakarian2867d ago

Wow! I definitely want that blow-up energy sword. D:

absolutecarnage2866d ago

That would be so funny to see like 30 or 40 people with those swords attacking each other I would so laugh my ass off it would be sweet. Police show up and are like WTF

Rybakov2866d ago

lol police think there is a riot with leathal weapons little do they know

BX812866d ago

To easy let them rush and try to lock on then mash the B button like hell!

pat_11_52866d ago

That would be incredible to see lol

radphil2866d ago

Oh what the hell...they get inflatable swords and all we get is in-game armor? :(

BloodyCHAMP2866d ago

there is gonna be soo much armor in the game, who needs gamestop armor? bestbuy is also giving a free halo reach hat if you pre ordered in stores with the t-shirt and the inflatable sword!! check it outtttt

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The story is too old to be commented.