PSFreedom Ported to the IPhone

"A person known as NTAuthority has successfully ported psfreedom to the Iphone. Currently it does not feature backup manager support, and currently can not be patched in. However, NTAuthority is investigating this issue and working on a fix. He is referring to this release as a preview (beta) release, so if you are an enduser you may want to hold off until the code is a bit more final. For those planning on testing it, it will work on the iPhone 2G/3G and iPod touch 1G and needs OpeniBoot installed."

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Sarobi2815d ago

Apple is smiling evilly

CptBach2815d ago

I don't see why this makes the news

This has been available since day one on the Nokia N900

jony_dols2815d ago

The ps3 scene is gonna really take off!!

inveni02815d ago doesn't work for pirating. No one is going to use it if they can't pirate. Do you really think everyone is going to give up PSN and firmware updates just so they can port Firefox or Chrome to the PS3? Sorry.

gamerzBEreal172815d ago

how does it not work for pirating? u back up the games offline and play them dont you?

inveni02815d ago

Not with this port you don't. Didn't you read it? It doesn't have backup manager enabled.

iPlayGamez2815d ago

actually the hack for iphone doesnt come with backup manager but it comes with the "instal package files" which lets you install files from your flash drive so even though the guy who ported it to iphone doesnt support piracy you can still install backup manager. the point of the hack is so you can install programs on the ps3 and this version of the hack cannot stop 1 specific program.

Eamon2815d ago

Damn, I was just about to rejoice until I found out that it only works for older iphones.

I have 3gs! >.<

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pimpmaster2815d ago

wheres iphone 3gs?! this ship fails.

2815d ago
KionicWarlord2222815d ago

This is cool...but sadly you cant use ps jailbreak online . Im still surprised sony locked down the bypass in the matter of a day .

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The story is too old to be commented.