Bungie maps out the next ten years

GOS Writes: "Bungie has told Develop that their ten year deal with Activision gives them the freedom to try new things, or “stretch its creative legs”

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dark-hollow2870d ago

Too bad they didn't went on with EA instead

CombatEvolving2870d ago

Bungie has full control of their new IP. The game would be the same regardless of the publisher.

kaveti66162869d ago

EA isn't a very 'good' publisher, either. Before it was popular to hate acitivision, people were hating on EA.

SixZeroFour2869d ago

EA would have been the better choice in terms of popularity right now...but activision as publishers i think advertise their games better (just between the 2, not between all publishers...MS would have been the more logical choice for advertising)

oh well...whats done is done

Garrus_Vakarian2869d ago

I might get their next game used, as I've sworn off buying any and all Activision products new.