Xbox 360 Launch Items On eBay. Fifty Percent Of Sale Will Go To Brian Wood Memorial Trust (RunDLC)

The video game industry lost one of its own this month, as Relic Entertainment's Brian Wood was killed in a car accident, sacrificing his life to save his wife and unborn child. As numerous people mourn this tragic loss, it appears that an eBayer plans to aid Brian's family with a special auction.

Up for sale is a slew of cool Xbox 360 items from the exclusive Zero Hour launch, as well as other pieces of memorabilia. After the auction concludes, the seller will donate 50 percent of the profits to the Brian Wood Memorial Trust.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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Carlos_Irwin_Estevez2808d ago

I dont understand, why doesn't relic/thq dedicate the revenue of the special offers the games have been having on steam and such and dedicating ALL profits to his wife and child for a period of time.

Buff10442808d ago

I mean, that could still happen. He didn't pass away that long ago. I am sure the companies have something in the works.

2808d ago
TheDCD2808d ago

So good to see that people still care about a good cause.

Buff10442808d ago

Agreed. Shame what happened, but in the end, there are good people out there.

GuruStarr782808d ago

Just put in a bid and currently in the lead.....probably won't win, but it's worth a try.....hope they raise alot of money.

Axecution2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

It's a good great idea, of course. But considering the items are virtually worthless and are really more of a way to get donations, i think 100% of the profits should go to the Brian Wood trust fund. I would rather donate 1000 dollars to the cause rather than, say, 500 to the cause and the other 500 toward a bunch of useless un-needed crap. I see what the purpose it, and i applaud the guy for doing this, but pretty much all my respect is lost for him since he's keeping half the profit for no reason at all other than being a selfish dick cashing in on the death of a respected developer.

And that's exactly how i see it. The bidding is at over 100 dollars; that means he's geting over 50 dollars for a memory card, a shirt, and some papers. And it will go up, guarantee it. He'll most likely end up making well over 150 dollars for himself to go buy some new games or something, while the memorial fund will get 150 dollars instead of the 300 from people donating.

Of course, would people donate without incentive like these items? Of course not. So i suppose you could think positively and say that they will be 150 dollars richer rather than 0 dollars richer... doesn't change the fact that this guy is 50% asshole though.

I say, if you really wanna donate, put all all the money that you would spend here toward the fund... rather than this "50%" ridiculousness.

Theonik2808d ago

Thing is you need to consider that the guy is selling his own stuff. He didn't even have to give those 150$ in the first place. Of course that raises a different question: Would the bids be as high if he didn't give half the money to charity?
Regardless it's a nice gesture given he doesn't have to do this.

KwietStorm2808d ago

But there is nothing in that package. Why not just setup a fund? I mean I guess someone wants that stuff, but a J Allard business card? Really?

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