MAG 2 should contain a Story Mode

GOS Writes: "MAG features 256 player battles and is currently in a new beta testing out new additions and features. I have no idea how Zipper would make a sequel work, but I do have a suggestion."

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dark-hollow2810d ago

Yep but only if they put some effort on it
mag is mainly online game but a decent campaign mode won't hurt anybody

Cevapi882810d ago

why not have a story mode in the MP....make it like conquest or spin it off as WWIII where you are fighting for control of the planet/territory...that would make the game that much more interesting, but i highly doubt that would ever happen

Nitrowolf22810d ago

um lol isn't that the whole point of M.A.G.?
each fraction fighting for territory (the one with the most get bonus)

Cevapi882809d ago

yeah, but is there a story component behind that...did you even bother reading the article, let alone the title of the article?? come on man....

Nitrowolf22810d ago

i agree, just that intro in M.A.G. got me woundering

vickers5002810d ago

Does EVERYTHING need single player these days?!?! I don't want some tacked on single player, it will make the multiplayer suffer!

/only joking, relax

Mucudadada2810d ago

Haha! I really enjoyed that comment.

M-Easy2810d ago

How is this news? Its an opinion. What has happened to N4G?