GameSpot Presents: Now Playing - Halo: Reach

Shaun McInnis and Giancarlo Varanini get together again to show off some awesome Halo: Reach action!

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Why o why2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

im crap at multiplayer though;(

yeah they were up yesterday. took about 5 mins to get into a matchmaking match. i suck hard. i kept thinking two meele hits would down a guy like uncharted. got fixed every time

Montrealien2871d ago

the servers are up? nice! cant wait! I am more excited about the campaign though.

8thnightvolley2871d ago

dont do that to me mannnnn... thats just evil

Montrealien2871d ago

lol, and I got a move also! ;P

ok , sorry. hehe

Montrealien2871d ago

hehe, yeah. We received everything here today, Reach and Move. The beauty of being able to test out new products to sell them better. :)

I will not be selling them though, not until the release date.

m232871d ago

I skipped the campaign parts, but watched the multiplayer matches. This guy totally sucks at Halo.

002871d ago

they just have to rub it in, well I never...

mzox2102871d ago

how does this guy review game when he suck at them?

CombatEvolving2871d ago

Yeah, you should have to be able to pick up any genre and be decent to be a reviewer.

TheIneffableBob2871d ago

This isn't a game review. :/
He's just playing the game to show off some gameplay.

2871d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.