Dear Microsoft- Please Remake Halo: Combat Evolved (RunDLC)

"I still remember the first time I played Halo: Combat Evolved, circa 2002. A friend invited me down the hall to see the game, but this was more than a simple play session. For months, I had refused to hop aboard the Xbox bandwagon. I despised the large console, loathed the humongous system and like some people, thought Microsoft had no business entering the console market."

John Artest (RunDLC)

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Stealth Disagreer2570d ago

How about we stop remaking games and just focus on making new ones

Buff10442570d ago

Says the person with a cyber ninja logo attached to his name. Didn't they remake MGS on GameCube?

KillerPwned2569d ago

Hey that was a really f#cking good remake.

A Cupcake for Gabe2569d ago

No it wasn't. No good remake would ever have a kartwheeling Snake.

George Sears2569d ago


Really? Snake mounted on a missile just killed it for me.

sonicsidewinder2569d ago (Edited 2569d ago )

Graphically? Maybe. But i must disagree. The cutscenes were just bad lol and out of context. "cartwheeling Snake" "liquid doing front flips on railings" etc. Cool? nah just daft.
A lot of the re-recorded diologue didnt even feel right. Vulcan Raven sounded shit compared with the PS1.

That was one of my gripes with MGS 4. Yeah, it used the original ps1 game for flashbacks but didnt use the PS1 audio.

Twin Snakes is a game you play with your mates (who too know Metal Gear) just to take the piss out of it.

Theonik2569d ago

I agree with you guys. Twin Snakes was just wrong...
I mean compare Grey Fox between the versions. :S
Then they made everything unnecessarily flashy.

stragomccloud2569d ago

I'm actually really glad to add that extra pizazz to the mix. I loved Twin Snakes. The only issue I had, is I kinda missed the original Sniper Wolf theme. However, the new music was a lot more movieish. So, I don't really have any complaints. The original is still accessible, so...

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WharenPeace2569d ago

I couldn't agree more Stealth Disagreer. It seems the gaming industry is adopting a Hollywood mindset of rehashing material. This is fine if you're nostalgic about gaming (ah.. colony wars), but in the long run... it promotes creative laziness.

KillerPwned2569d ago

I get what you are all saying the one for PS1 is the best always will be. Just something about the remake i like a lot.

stragomccloud2569d ago

I still think that remaking games is good for introducing the younger generation of gamers to classic games. Heck young gamers everywhere will soon get a chance to play Ocarina of Time on 3DS!

Chucky20032569d ago (Edited 2569d ago )

i would choose an remade game any day,you know why?because the old games are a lot better and you have more fun than the games we have these days

Obelisk922569d ago

Great idea, let's remake Halo! Ok, so we're gonna give it new graphics and...
oh wait...

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jack who2570d ago

dont listen too this toe sucker

TheDCD2570d ago

Sadly, it won't be Bungie doing it. Thus the point will be lost.

Buff10442569d ago

I mean, that doesn't matter. Microsoft can get the code and just hire another dev to do cleanup. There are other talented companies out there. The key isn't Bungie.

mrcash2569d ago

I think gearbox made the one for the pc

na2ru12569d ago (Edited 2569d ago )

Nothing could be added to make it remake worthy.

Edit: Online multiplayer was not on xbox version so that alone could be worth a remake since there were some amazing online levels.

user8586212569d ago

Does that mean theres also no hope for duke nukem because its not being made by 3d realms?

as long as some talented developers are making halo I dont mind

Theonik2569d ago

When the people behind it are Gearbox in Duke's case no there really isn't. Not that 3D realms was any better mind you given how they handled DNF.

MaximusPrime2569d ago

no point you already got Halo Reach coming up

DaBadGuy2569d ago

yeah. less than 3 days now. my god. can't wait to get the game and that bitchin statue.

CombatEvolving2569d ago

Dear Microsoft,

Remake both Halo CE and Halo 2 for the XBL arcade with XBL multiplayer support. While you are at it add the three missing levels to Halo 2 and I'll pay $20 each for them.

Garrus_Vakarian2569d ago

Bungie didn't get the finish Halo 2. That's the reason behind the ending.

RedDead2569d ago

Wow, didn't know that, so i'm guessing you would have fought in space first?

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