Kinect Adventures Achievements Revealed

X360A has just unveiled the achievement list for one of the Kinect launch titles: Kinect Adventures.

Due out on November 4th in North America and November 10th in Europe, Kinect Adventures has 32 achievements worth 1000 points.

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-Judge_Fudge2651d ago

so whos looking forward to playing this naked?

-Judge_Fudge2651d ago

you do it, post video on youtube and ill pay-pal you the money

captain-obvious2651d ago

@ judge

that would be fun lol

bjornbear2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

I read Kinect automatically films everything. then MS stores these videos, and one day opens and exposes all the videos

it becomes a massive success due to the hilarity of the videos, and MS become a huge success in another front.

trust me, kinect is just a big scam to get videos of people acting silly!!!/jk

on topic - I just clicked because I found it funny its an article about 360 achievements submitted by a guy called 360achievements from the site 360achievements xD remember what Tsunoda said:

"Hardcore gamers will buy Kinect and its games because of achievements" = sad

KratosGirI2651d ago


But I ain't paying jack shit for a Kinect and that $50 oinge extension cable that Pyro says everyone who has an old 360 requires to connect Kinect to their console.


Don't worry. I have my trusty Anon mask!

ikkeweer2651d ago

lol, make it $20 and tape it and post it on here.
Don't care if your a dude with a girl tag, many would get a kick outta it, it's worth $20

xbox360achievements2651d ago

You my friend are an idiot. The site is called Xbox360Achievements, as is the account and we post, guess what... achievements! Tada! We're not going to leave them out just because they need Kinect.

So you're saying that by posting them, that means we'll buy them? Do yourself a favour and climb back into your mother's womb so your brain can develop a little more.

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xbox360achievements2651d ago

Sure, why not... What wait... That wasn't an offer? Oh. Okay then.

Carlos_Irwin_Estevez2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

for sure, just the beard and glasses, you'll be screaming its delicious in no time.

damn kratosgirl will get more agrees even with that weak ass beard.

KratosGirI2651d ago

Why do people care so much about this whole agree/disagree point system?

They're just numbers, not some sort of e-peen >__>

jack_burt0n2651d ago

here u go beardie girl 4 ur epeen

RanmaSaotome2651d ago ShowReplies(1)
rbluetank2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

you can get the first achievements if kinect recognizes you. you can get 2 through 32 of the achievements by standing "still!!!" since it is a rail game you do not really have to "move" to get the achievements. lol just think how far your $65 dollars has improved your gaming experience!!! lol

N4PS3Fanboys2651d ago

Damn! I didn't even think of Kinect games having achievements. Being an achievement whore, it looks like I'll actually have to buy Kinect and play these games.

Keltik822651d ago

That is sarcasm right? You would buy Kinect and the games just for the achievements? /facefist

Hallmark Moment2651d ago

Is that suppose to be a slam troll? A lot of gamers buy games for gamerscore.

Keltik822651d ago

Mr. One Bubble. Looks like your the troll.

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