GameSpot: Section 8: Prejudice Q&A - Exclusive First Details

GameSpot writes: "The original Section 8 was an unusual multiplayer shooter that let you and your teammates duke it out online on vast battlefields, armed with custom weapon loadouts, drivable vehicles, and an enhanced type of sprinting called "overdrive." Unfortunately, the game had issues with its multiplayer population and in other areas, but developer TimeGate Studios intends to make good on the original game's potential and produce an even better game in Section 8: Prejudice. Design director Brett Norton explains".

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NYC_Gamer2897d ago

i guess the first game wasnt crappy enough

Stealth Disagreer2897d ago

If Kane and lynch can get a sequel anything can lol

RockmanII72897d ago

I'll be the first person to defend Section 8, sure no one played online but the game itself was good and you could play with bots so I don't see the problem there.

ChronoJoe2897d ago

Not hard to find games on the PSN version. Lot of people play, actually.

Maybe because it's on PSN, rather than a disc like the XBL version. It's also a lot cheaper, so yeah.

RockmanII72896d ago

I didn't know that, that's cool.

yami9302896d ago

I can't wait for this game, i loved the first, felt different, in a good way. I also loved the idea of having the knife as a secondary weapon, more games should do that.