Halo: Reach Unboxing Videos

Odds are this will be the last Halo unboxing video GamesRadar will film for several years. Bungie is moving on to its next project with Activision, and they have to think even Microsoft will lay off the franchise for a while to let the fanboy fires swell for Halo 4. So if Halo's your thing, you might wanna watch these real slow and savor each frame - at least until you pick it up Tuesday.

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HyperBear2899d ago

For as sarcastic as they were throughout both videos, that one guy can't seem to use scissors properly. Time to go back to Grade 1!

Great Vids BTW, I want M$ to send me something in a case like that. "What is that, Money? Thanks M$" LOL. That must have been what was in the 2nd case.

Roozium2898d ago

Great videos, amazing game.