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Sony Offering ‘Limited Edition Move Bundle’ on QVC

This Sunday on QVC, a special $599 “limited edition” PlayStation Move bundle will be “unveiled” on QVC, the broadcast television shopping network. (Move, Playstation Move, PS3)

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doctorstrange  +   1605d ago
$599.99 might be a bit too pricey for me, but I want it
a08andan  +   1605d ago
I think that they should start doing something like "pick your bundle"-deals. Where you can like pick one accessory, two games and so on, for a fixed price :)
darthv72  +   1605d ago
i want to see
the hosts trying it out. They have issues from time to time with some of the most basic stuff cause they dont use it every day like regular people.

Seeing the hosts try and demonstrate how to use move when you know they wont ever play with it again after the show. They are sales people...not gamers. Wii is more their speed if anything.

@budget: yeah those are pretty messed up. I think there was one where they broke a tv because of the wii remote slipped from the guys hand. Classic.

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darthv72  +   1605d ago
The video wouldnt embed in my previous post. Here is that HSN wii tv vid.

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Lifewish  +   1605d ago
very pricey but a ton of content
T3mpr1x  +   1605d ago
LOL look at all that extra stuff you get, along with a console that is leaps and bounds superior than when it first launched...For its original price, no less.
Sev  +   1605d ago
That's so true. When I was first typing up the article, I was thinking wow, that's way too expensive and what a rip-off. Meanwhile I paid exactly that amount on launch day for so much less, yet then I was more than happy to do so.

Then again, the economy and my responsibilities were very different. Amazing what can change in a matter of 4 years.
GamerSciz  +   1604d ago
Retail price of content
This is all the content individually priced and the amount it retails for separately.

PS3™ Sports Champions™ Move Bundle - $400
Link: http://bit.ly/dxAro9

(I couldn't find most of the accessories that are listed so assume it's actual cost is even more in retail value.)
PlayStation Move Power Pack - $30
Link: http://amzn.to/aCGeu2

Sony Blu-ray remote - $20
Link: http://amzn.to/9YnNbp

PS3 Slim System Stand - $10
Link: http://amzn.to/bb5bGK

PS3 HDMI Cable - $20
Link: http://amzn.to/d9iyoJ

PS3 Silicon skins(2) - $16
Link: http://amzn.to/aP96in

(seems expensive but only one I could find still being made)
PS3 System Bag - $100
Link: http://amzn.to/9ZzISp

Ratchet and Clank ToD - $23
Link: http://amzn.to/cFA0iE

Surf's Up Blu-ray - $20
Link: http://amzn.to/ahBFsq

Total = $639

Not saving a whole lot of money. More convenient to get everything in one package is all.
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-Judge_Fudge  +   1605d ago
$599. thats how much i paid for my bestbuy bundle in 2008
a08andan  +   1605d ago
How can you have the time to buy stuff? Aren't you supposed to be far to busy being delicious?

@ disagree: Don't you know Judge Fudge? :)
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DevastationEve  +   1605d ago
Not again!
seinfan  +   1605d ago
ROFL! I wonder how many male gamers are going to be in a room where the "best" color for the sensor will be pink.
Sev  +   1605d ago
My Move controllers are almost always pink. No idea why.
jack who  +   1605d ago
make me a sammich
WithMyLastBreath  +   1605d ago
qvcs Web site
has this at $699 right now...hm.
jack who  +   1605d ago
wait did i miss the part where theres a ps3 included in this bundle?
T9X69  +   1605d ago
"PS3™ Sports Champions™ Move Bundle – everything a consumer needs to get started with PS3 and PlayStation Move (320GB PS3 system, PlayStation Move motion controller, PlayStation Eye Camera, Sports Champions game, PlayStation Move game demo disc)"

You get a 320GB PS3.
jack who  +   1605d ago
oh thank god
tiamat5  +   1605d ago
Sony hardware is always worth the price. After the PS3 people still can't see that. They would rather buy cheap junk that breaks or they spend it's whole device life cycle fixing it then to buy something solid from the beginning.
jay2  +   1605d ago
That synopsis is terrible, how was this approved?
I'd buy this but it's not in the uk :(.
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Sev  +   1604d ago
What was wrong with the synopsis? You aren't supposed to give the full meat of the story. How would you have written it Mr. Journalist?
IneedWeed  +   1604d ago
To think I just got a regualar PS3 60GB with one six axis controller all for $599.99 lol. Well I did purchase my PS3 at launch, wish it came with all this accessories. Most of the accessories are not needed in this bundle, but nice to know they have it.
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Microshock  +   1604d ago
A 400 dollar PS3 Move bundle, plastic crap for your Move controller, a remote, a bag, an hdmi cable and another game/movie = 600 bucks?

Horrible deal but the QVC audience will eat it up!

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