And the Winner of the Halo Reach Contest is...

We here at N4G want to congratulate Lord Marius, the winner of our Halo Reach contest! He will be receiving a brand new Xbox 360 Slim with 250 GB HD and a copy of Halo Reach!

Thanks to everyone who entered and visited the forums, be sure to stay tuned for even more awesome contests here at N4G. We also want to thank Gamestop for the opportunity to give away this prize. Be sure to check out their Halo site with tons of free content and chances to win even more prizes!

Lord Marius, please contact ZeroTolerance through PM to setup delivery.

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Kran2811d ago

Congratulations to him :D

LordMarius2811d ago

My PS3 Fanboys days are over, Holy Hell!!!!!
Im a gamer now, with Halo Reach :D

Thank you so much N4G!

Convas2811d ago

It's good to see a hater become a brother.

MiloGarret2811d ago

Congratulations Marius, I'm glad you won!

TheLastGuardian2811d ago

Congratulations you lucky bastard.

-Alpha2811d ago

If you are ever on my team I'm team killing you out of petty jealousy :P

Congrats, hope u enjoy it.

RockmanII72811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

I wanted a new 360 to sell and buy a PS3 with. Oh well, at least I can still complain about never winning anything :D

Naughty Dog2811d ago Show
RedDead2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

***** you, ********* **** on children.

well done

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poopface12811d ago

I didnt enter because I have a 360 already but thats a pretty sweet prize.

ActionBastard2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )


red2tango2811d ago

I didn't win? I shall boycott N4G

/just kidding, take me back!

Convas2811d ago

Marius. You. Me. 1 vs 1 on Overlook.

Oh congrats By the way.

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The story is too old to be commented.