First Official Halo: Reach Review Rolls in from Game Informer

Word has it that the latest issue of Game Informer is starting to arrive in subscriber’s mailboxes. Halo: Reach is one of the games reviewed, as that was officially stated on the magazine’s website last week. At the moment, much information from the review has yet to be reported. However, Metacritic is claiming that the following blurb comes from the review.

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Natsu X FairyTail2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Pretty good score for Reach. Waits for Disagree Storm from The LAMES.

edit @ borntokill yeah the lames aka the ps3 fanboys watching my every comments . :D

inveni02897d ago

I hope it's good. I don't own a PS3, and I'm not a fan of the Halo series, but it's one of the few exclusive games that 360 owners get to look forward to, so I'm happy for them if they get another gem from the Halo series.

pixelsword2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )




seinfan2896d ago Show
Anon19742896d ago

I'm so looking forward to this game, but I still had to disagree with Natsu just out of principal. You know, it's possible to just comment on a game you're looking forward to without at the same time jabbing an entire group of fans in the eye with a stick.

I keep seeing the commercials for this and they're really well done and they're getting me totally pumped. I don't think they're as cool as the diorama ads from Halo 3 - but it's just so nice to have a full, proper Halo game to look forward to again.

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Parapraxis2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

I didn't disagree with the fact that Reach got a good score,that's great to hear, good job Bunjie, looking forward to playing Reach.

It's the rest of the crap you wrote that I disagree with.
GROW UP. YOU are the one instigating people.

How hard would it have been to just post "Pretty good score for Reach"????

niceguywii602897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

One of the biggest lames(you) is calling somebody out? I guess you think his "crap" stinks and yours smells great.

Getting me a Nice bottle of Hard-A come the 14th so I can soak up the Halo experience.


Using Potpourri scented spray doesn't keep your crap from being smelly/stealthy.

Parapraxis2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

oh no oh no I got called a "lame" on the internet! lol

I'll be getting Reach kiddo, along with GT5 this fall, because I can ;) that's the joy of owning a 360 & PS3.

...also, what is up with your obsession with sniffing sh*t?

kunit22c2897d ago

is up with all the trolls on here? They have been even more retarded and ignorant lately... oh wait thats right around the time the new Halo comes out they come out from under the bridge to have their little pride moment then go back under the bridge to wait for the next Halo..

Anorexorcist2897d ago

is never good enough for the MS sycophants who F'n swear that Halo is the consummate inventive property of the FPS genre. Yeah maybe DOOM is more deserving of that acclaim.

By the way Halo/MS sycophants troll/rant, it would appear that Halo is more innovative than Super Mario Bros.



GT (biggest PS seller) relase about to come
Halo (biggest Xbox seller) release about to come
Both motion controllers about to come
360S release about 1 year after PS3 Slim launch enable comparisons
PS3 was (almost?) hacked
Also we're just before holiday season when most sales of consoles and games will come in
All that plus the usual crap...

It's like trolls heaven time to pull each other messing with the greatest expectations from the opposite crew.

TROLL EATER2897d ago

halo 3 = 98 GI
Halo Reach 95 GI wah are they trying to say? where is the consistency in reviews

AngryTypingGuy2897d ago

""Pretty good score for Reach"????...
is never good enough for the MS sycophants who F'n swear that Halo is the consummate inventive property of the FPS genre. Yeah maybe DOOM is more deserving of that acclaim."

Doom established the genre, and then Halo revolutionized it. People can hate on Halo all they want. Through several sequels now across two generations, the fanbase is bigger than ever. Nothing speaks louder than that. Reach is going to kick ass!

Fadetoblack692897d ago

"Doom established the genre, and then Halo revolutionized it. People can hate on Halo all they want. Through several sequels now across two generations, the fanbase is bigger than ever. Nothing speaks louder than that. Reach is going to kick ass! "

How exactly did Halo "Revolutionize" anything? Yeah it was fun when it came out but what exactly does it do that other FPS's can't do to somehow say it revolutionized the FPS genre?

The Lazy One2896d ago

"How exactly did Halo "Revolutionize" anything?"

it's the biggest reason that multiplayer gaming took off on consoles.

AngryTypingGuy2896d ago

Wait, you know what, I take it back. I should have said that Doom established the genre, and then Half Life revolutionized it. BUT it was Halo that took the FPS genre to new heights, and yes it was revolutionary in terms of on line play and choices. The Halo series is a pop culture phenomenon, something Sony does not have whether anyone likes it or not. And don't even say Gran's very popular, but it's not Halo popular.

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Kareshi_X2897d ago

well he was gonna get disagrees anyways for saying good score for reach. so I dont blame him.

mrcash2897d ago

one of the few reviewers i actually take into account.

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Chug2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

I disagreed with you even though I think it's a good score and I've got it pre-ordered.
Does that make me "LAME?"

callahan092897d ago

I disagreed with your comment, Natsu. It had nothing to do with your "Pretty good score Reach" comment and everything to do with your "Waits for Disagree Storm from The LAMES" comment. That was just totally unnecessary.

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MrAwesome2897d ago

Great score but according to GI reviews GOTY till now is either Starcraft 2 of GoW3

dragon822897d ago

My personal GOTY is Heavy Rain but I think the actual GOTY award should go to Starcraft 2.

Moonboots2897d ago

I think Mass Effect 2 will have something to say about that.


MrAwesome2897d ago

Mass Effect 2 will prbably win the most GOTY but GI gave it a 9.5 or 9.75(I don't remeber well) and GI always picks the game with their highest review for GOTY so ME2 won't be it because GoW3 and Starcraft 2 both got 10s from them and are the only two games with 10s this year(so far)...

IcarusOne2897d ago

It implies perfection and that's impossible. Especially in regards to GoW3. It might have the edge in graphics, but that's about it. In terms of cramming content, story, and emotion onto a disc, few games beat ME2 for my money.

FragMnTagM2896d ago

There is absolutely no replayability in GoW3 at all. I loved the game don't get me wrong, but what is there to do once you beat it? It was boring and predictable as hell the second time through due to the ENTIRE game being scripted. Good game, yes, game of the year, HELL NO.

I would be willing to give that to ME2, GT5, or Halo Reach, maybe even COD Black Ops, but GoW3, get outta here. Even Heavy Rain is more deserving of GOTY than GoW3.

RankFTW2896d ago

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, nuf said.

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chazjamie2897d ago

i cant wait for this game now. i love it when a series comes to an end. like mgs 4, i was sad that it ended but it had to.

i am going to miss halo a lot. I have a feeling the ending is going to leave me speechless, even though i came across some commentary about the ending (it was more like spam).

stupid spoilers.

Sony3602897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Great, give them even more reason to roam around in comments sections they don't belong in.

2897d ago
Nugundam00792897d ago

Why everyone is using the word "Lames" is it a new thing?! Grandpappy Nugundam is getting old!

crzyjackbauer2897d ago

WOW what has this site become
this is one for the records
91 disagrees and counting from just saying "pretty good score for reach"
what a bunch of PS3 hugging trolls

bsquwhere2897d ago

he got the disagrees for calling ps3 fans "lames". he's the 1st comment, and trolling rite out the gate. yet 360 fans ignore the fact he said it, and think it's ALL because he said it was a good score.

IcarusOne2897d ago

You see worse from the Sony bots. Some people can dish it out but can't take it. Some people need thicker skin.

FragMnTagM2896d ago

I am willing to be that if he had just typed "pretty good score for reach," he would still have gotten a ton of disagrees. The Sony only peeps are really childish sometimes. Not defending Natsu in anyway, but if you look at the comments in the 360 threads, over half the comments are Sony trolls. Go to a Sony thread and there are barely any 360 fans in there. I have both systems and frequent both sections and the PS3 sections by far have a lot less trolling going on.

When will people learn that competition is a good thing and that had MS not entered the console race with the first XBOX, the PS3 wouldn' be half the machine that it is. Same goes for the XBOX as well. If there were no Playstation, I highly doubt the 360 would be as good as it is.

I like competition, but despise trolls.

bjornbear2897d ago

anyway, great score for an undoubtedly great game. This is the only game making me wish I had a 360 atm (before it was just ME) =)
This game will be on the 90+ and be a solid contender for GoTY, it has so much content / its the peak of the franchise, so anyone who bashes the game in its own right is just being sour.

fine, you don't need to love Halo (i don't) but you should appreciate a good game when you see one.

@ Nastu

its hard not to "watch" your every comment

when you are one of the first to comment on every bloody article, most of the time never even adding anything substantial to the discussion of the topic at hand. but I can fix that *ignore*

FragMnTagM2896d ago

I usually disagree with nearly everything you have to say. Thanks for taking the high road and being mature about a great game. Hopefully some of your "buddies" will read your post and be mature about it too. I can respect an awesome game on any platform. Doesn't mean I have to like it. GT5 looks to be an amazing game loaded to the brim with content, but it is just not my cup of tea. You won't see me in GT5 discussions trolling the game though. I can give respect where it is due. Personally I am more excited for K3 than GT5. I may rent GT5 however just to check it out.

Have an agree and a bub man.

1Victor2896d ago

if the ps3 fanboys are "the LAMES" then what are you that are constantly attacking them on every post I have see you write on some of the articles I have read here on this site, why can't you say
"damn I been waiting a long time for this game story ,game play and online hell everything will be AWESOME."
maybe just maybe if you stop attacking no one would attack you back.

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BornToKill2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

what happened to the other .5?

and people gave GTA4 a perfect 10... pfft

Seijoru2897d ago

I think it was obvious that people were payed off to give GTA4 10s.

karl2897d ago

i think no one had the guts to put a GTA game a low score...

well.. i can't deny that reach probably is at least a 9.. will see what happen with the next reviews

MrManchild2897d ago

Franchise fatigue. Reach is the third Halo fps on the 360, and it doesn't stray too far from the formula.

A 9.5 would be an incredible score for Reach imo.

mrcash2897d ago

I agree, when did a 9.5 become a bad score? I don't understand people now a days.

T9X692897d ago

"and it doesn't stray too far from the formula."

It actually does a lot, which is why I'm buying it. IMO Halo 2 & 3 sucked compared to the first Halo, and seeing how Reach seems to be going back to the roots, its a day 1 purchase for me.

Immortal3212897d ago

this what I don't get. They down rated ratchet and clank for having the same formula, but since it's halo its been given a pass.

"and ratchet and clank was never about graphics"

so whats the deal?

punkpop1012897d ago

The problem here is that God Of War 3 and Star craft 2 got a perfect score and Reach didn't.The problem is that they gave ODST 9.25 and said in this review that Reach will make up for all the disappointed with ODST and yet they gave it only 0.25 higher.That's stupid.

IcarusOne2897d ago

When PS3 exclusives weren't getting perfect 10's. That's when. It's also when the media became biased against Sony apparently.

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Garrus_Vakarian2897d ago

People got their hands under the table.

cool cole2897d ago

I seriously don't get all the hate for GTA 4, I mean really it's a great game, and I also don't understand how people liked Red Dead Redemption better, there's even less things to do. Not to say I didn't like Red Dead however.

games4fun2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

there's a whole hunting mechanic and money system not to mention a mini game of texas hold'em worth playing instead of darts.

Also the Western theme hasn't been done so well before.

there are also older versions of gta that have more features making it hard to be content with gta4.

finally it is far more fufilling to get a 100% complete in that game than the other.

games4fun2897d ago

This is probably the best on the 360. I agree, a lot of games deserve perfect tens after the gta4 10/10 spree, but what you gonna do?.

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silkrevolver2897d ago

...and we all know it will review well, even if you don’t personally like it.

ActionBastard2897d ago

Great score for what looks to be "Bungie's Badass Halo Farewell".

Parapraxis2897d ago

I like it. "Ah the good ol' BBHF" lol