G4: Brad Pitt For Red Dead Redemption Movie...Or These Guys

Rumor has it that Brad Pitt is set to produce and star in the live action feature version of Red Dead Redemption, fulfilling our dreams of seeing a real John Marston stabbing a real bear with a real knife on the big screen. Mmm, Brad Pitt. Does this mean Angelina Jolie will also be a part of this? I can see her as the sultry Luisa or some other woman in the game. (There are women in the game? Apparently.) Attaching such an A-list name to this project would highlight a change in the video game adaptation business. With Brad Pitt, perhaps a movie version of Red Dead Redemption could be considered a serious Western rather than a cheesy and action packed film like other game adaptations such as Resident Evil or (as we all know) Prince of Persia.

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EL1TE2872d ago

I think Josh Brolin would be great, Viggo Mortensen would be nice too.