P*N: Vanquish Preview

via Steven Artlip of P*N, "The first thing you will notice with Vanquish will be how similar it looks to Lost Planet and how if feels like a cross between Lost Planet and Gears of War, yes I said Gears of War, Vanquish has a cover system that is very much alike the one in Gears and instead of the Roadie Run you get a slide ability that pretty much does the exact same thing. The next thing that you will probably notice is the point system in the game. Instead of a leveling up system and instead of any type of multiplayer, Platinum Games decided to add an arcade type of scoring system with the kills you get, how you get them, etc, and then it takes that and will post your scores on an online scoreboard where you will be able to compare your scores with friends and try to one-up them."

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